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The Definitive Guide to Windows XP

windows-xpWindows XP was released way back in 2000 but is still the world's most popular OS. With Windows Vista being a debacle, and Windows 7 being a bit expensive, many people still use XP on their PCs.

In this Windows XP Guide, we have a lot of tutorials for users as well as troubleshooting guides. You can learn how to speed up your installation, how to tweak it and customize it, and how to find solutions for various problems. We will also show you how to install, repair or upgrade Windows XP, how to install Service Pack 2 and 3 and how to upgrade your installation to Windows Vista or Windows 7.

We will also show you a list of the best apps, games, themes, wallpapers and downloads for XP and how to use them. Everything you need to know about Windows XP, you will find here.

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