Skills Every Linux User Should Have

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Linux users can’t really “on site” identify each other, unless they happen to be wearing a Tux T-shirt, that is. It can be hard for a Linux user to know when the transitional period is over and they can call themselves a Linux user without fear of being labeled a dabbler or a newbie. For those of you still in doubt this list may be just what you need. When you have accomplished all of the things on this list you can call yourself a real Linux user.

When You Can Both Subvert and Use Microsoft Based Software Products on Your Machine

I know that this may seem contradictory but it means that you have both gained a working knowledge of open source software and the ability to run an emulator (or similar device) to use Windows based software. While this is a blanket statement it does have some boundaries of sanity. Most home users won’t need to be able to run programs like autocad, and if you are not one of them do not worry about them. Some of the basic software you should be able to use open source includes:

An Office Suite

Must Have Linux Applications: OpenOffice

OpenOffice Base Review

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How to Install on a Debian-based Linux Distribution

How to install Open Office 3.0 in Ubuntu Linux

An Image Editor

GIMP the Image Editor

Instructions on Installing GIMP on Windows, OSX and Linux

How to Create and Manipulate Layers in The Gimp

Top 20 GIMP Plugins and Ad-ons

An email program & web browser

Mozilla Firefox Review: Customizable, Stable, Secure

Install Firefox 3 on your Linux Computer

Review: Mozilla’s Thunderbird Email Application for Ubuntu Linux

Installing Thunderbird On Ubuntu Hardy Heron

How to Setup and Configure the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

Your options for running Windows based programs on your Linux include:

Can I Run My Windows Programs on Linux?

CrossOver Linux: Running Windows Applications on the Linux Desktop

Windows emulators for Linux,

You Know How to Access the Command Line and Make at Least Basic Commands

The command line is where you can access your machine most directly. Knowing how to access it on your own machine is an important part of interacting with your Linux system and allows for true customization. Command line access also allows you to make changes to the kernal. The kernal is the brain of the entire operating system and having access to it is a key part of the point behind open source. This free access to the operating system and the ability to make changes to the system at will are at the heart of Linux innovation. Everyone benefits from the accumulated knowledge of the other users. This is a freedom that is unique to Linux because you can see the whole of the source code of any time without special permission - something commercially based operating systems usually keep you from doing.

The Linux Command Line Series: Introduction (A very comprehensive series on common comands)

Linux Command Line: Using Aliases

You Know How to Set up a Wireless Internet Connection on Linux

Depending on your distribution and your hardware, setting up a wireless network can be a hard task to master on a Linux. That task gets even more complex when you have to route in different flavors of Linux on the same network. Granted you may only have to do this a few times in your life if you are not a professional, but it is a very handy bit of knowledge to have.

How Compatible is Your Network Adapter?

Wireless Network in Linux: The Basics

You Have at Least a Basic Knowledge of Other Linux Distributions

Sure, you might know your own system inside and out but do you know anything about the rest of Linux? You do not have to be an expert in all flavors of Linux. That would be a career path. You should, however, have a handful of knowledge about some of the more popular flavors that are out there. It is just good form.

What is Red Hat?

The Meaning of Ubuntu

You Got the Tux Joke that Was Made Earlier in This Piece

You don’t have to think that it is funny as long as you got it. Of course, the first time you hear that story you have to wonder what he was doing to the Penguin to get bit, though some people will tell you it was only a metaphorical bite.

Now you know how to spot another true Linux user, and how to know that you are one, you can enjoy your newfound confidence and status.