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Four Free Halloween Fonts

written by: Thursday Bram•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 9/24/2010

If you're working on some Halloween-themed projects, you might consider using an extra-creepy — or funny — font. There are plenty of free Halloween typefaces out there, and these four are especially good samples.

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    Halloween Spider

    What would Halloween be without a few spider webs? The Halloween Spider font can take care of your needs in that respect: every letter has a spider web (and a spider) of its own. This typeface is meant primarily as a headline or accent font — while it has a complete alphabet, the Halloween Spider font has only limited punctuation and no numerals. (Click on images for a larger view.)

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    Halloween Spider
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    Tango Macabre

    Need a few more skeletons in your closet? The Tango Macabre font is full of skeletons working together to make the letterforms. This font is a little more subtle than some other Halloween fonts, but it can add a little bit of fright to your documents. There are lower case letters included in this font — at first glance, they look just like the upper case version, but there are some distinct differences if you look closely.

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    Tango Macabre
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    Pumpkin is a different sort of font from many other Halloween typefaces. Rather than focusing on the scarier aspects of the season, Pumpkin is more of a fall font — there are pumpkins and leaves growing from all of the letters. The pumpkin affect is subtle in some spots, but take a close look at the letter 'p'.

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    Halloween Bats

    You get plenty of bats along with the Halloween Bats typeface. This font includes both capital and lower case letters, all with bats swirling around the letterforms. It's another accent font, limited to letters, but it would be a fairly difficult-to-read text font if you used it for much more.

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    Halloween Bats
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    More Free Fonts

    If you don't see the perfect Halloween font here, Dafont actually maintains a list of Halloween fonts. These are all decorative fonts, perfect for adding a little October magic to your desktop publishing. Most decorative fonts are not complete fonts, though. Some are missing punctuation while others don't have numerals. But that doesn't mean they aren't useful: it just means that most Halloween fonts won't work as text fonts.