Need Some Winter Celebration Ideas in Lieu of Office Christmas Party?

Need Some Winter Celebration Ideas in Lieu of Office Christmas Party?
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The traditional office Christmas party is a great way to share the joy of the season and increasing the bonding amongst the employees. Such parties however invariably cause someone to have a drink too many and speak his mind out on what he thinks of the boss, shed inhibitions, flirt with co-workers and do other such antics. Such avoidable scenes can have serious after-effects such as breakdown of interpersonal relationships or disciplinary actions that extend to even firings. A traditional office party may moreover become too hackneyed to capture the employee’s imagination.

Continuing with the traditional party while reducing the avenues and opportunity for participants to drink excessively, and placing stress on group activities to minimize one-to-one interactions might be a good idea. This Christmas however may also be the perfect time to take a break from the routine and try some innovative ideas to replace the traditional party.

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Outdoor Activities

An afternoon or evening of outdoor activities that combine fun and challenges makes for a perfect alternative to a closed-door traditional Christmas party.

Outdoor activities ideas in lieu of office Christmas party include:

  • skiing at a nearby hill resort
  • a visit to the skating rink
  • a visit to the golf course
  • a visit to a theme park
  • a visit to the nearby tourist hot-spot or museum which though an international hotspot might remain oblivious or overlooked by the locals caught up in their daily routine,
  • a visit to the local beach, thermal spa, swimming pool or wave pool
  • organizing a sports event such as softball, basket-ball or the like
  • organizing a trekking expedition in the woods
  • boating or wild water rafting

Such activity, topped up by a meal at a local restaurant. Makes for a perfect evening to commemorate the season.

Volunteer Work

There is no better way to imbibe the true [spirit of Christmas](/tools/Guide to Christmas Around the World: Celebrations, Customs, and Lesson Resources) than by brining joy to others, and indulging in volunteer work ranks among the best way to do this. Volunteer work not only helps the deprived, fulfills a part of corporate social responsibility, and remains a fun activity that makes a worthy and meaningful substitute to a Christmas party. An added benefit is that it costs nothing except the time.

Some volunteer work ideas for the Christmas season , that make effective ideas in lieu of office Christmas party include:

  • volunteering at the local homeless or drop in center to prepare or serve meals, hand out gifts, or organize donations
  • helping organizing Christmas party or Christmas day camp for children conducted by community organizations or non-profit organizations
  • spending time at the local senior’s home or hospital
  • taking time out for an awareness campaign against drugs, alcohol or other vices
  • organizing a food and clothing drive for the underprivileged, and much more

In-House Alternatives

Many exciting in-house alternatives to the traditional Christmas party exist. Some such options include:

  • a camp to learn some special craft such as traditional screen printing, candle making, cake making, cookery classes or the like
  • in house competitions cum exhibitions on cookery, photography, paintings and other arts and crafts
  • Christmas Tree decoration competition

A properly panned Christmas event not only provides the employees with a good opportunity for fun, but also leads to better interpersonal relationships, which has a positive effect on the work floor.