Learn How to Identify and Fix Common TaxCut Issues.

Learn How to Identify and Fix Common TaxCut Issues.
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Updating Your Software

H&R Block’s tax filing software, TaxCut, is one of the two leading brands of tax filing software on the market. (TurboTax is the other.) This program allows you to easily create and file your tax return forms. But, TaxCut, just like TurboTax, comes with its fair share of issues.

One common problem is not being able to update your software when new updates come out. Many different types of issues can cause this, but one of the main problems comes from your firewall not allowing the updates.

To fix the update issues, try one of the following methods.

1. Disable your firewall. You will probably need to follow the instructions on your firewall software to do this.

2. Check the site https://www.taxcut.com/updates to see if your software has an URL exceptions feature. This way, you don’t need to turn off your firewall and possibly allow your computer to be infected with viruses. Instead, your firewall software will know to allow TaxCut to access the required updates.

3. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet.

E-filing Code Errors

If you are trying to file your tax returns, you will need an eight-character E-file Key Code to do this. Your Key Code location is dependent on where you bought your software.

1. If you bought your software online, you can find your Key Code on the Order Confirmation page.

2. If you bought your software at a store, the Key Code will be in the booklet for the software.

3. If you received a CD of the software via U.S. mail, you will find your Key Code on the Order Confirmation Email.

If TaxCut is rejecting your Key Code, you may not be entering it correctly. For example, the code never has either a “O” or zero in the code. If you believe that this is the letter or number, the correct letter is probably a “Q”.

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E-Filing Errors

Your tax returns can be returned for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for returns being rejected is an incorrect social security number. For example, you could get the error “the Primary SSN in this return matches the Secondary SSN of a previously submitted return.”

You could be getting this error because of one of the following reason.

  • You entered an incorrect social security number.
  • Somebody else entered your social security number by mistake.
  • You tried to file using the Married Filing Jointly status with your spouse. When this was rejected, you tried e-filing as Married Filing Separately.

To solve this issue, try one of these solutions.

  • Retype your social security number.
  • If it was correct, hold off on filing your tax returns to see if the person who filed incorrectly tries to correct the issue.
  • Your spouse must file a paper return if you and your spouse tried to file Married Filing Jointly.

State Program Re-installation

If you need to reinstall your 2007 or 2008 State Program for whatever reason, you should follow the below steps.

1. Go into your TaxCut Federal Return program software.

2. Go to Tools, and then Reinstall State Program.

3. Pick your state of residence.

To check to see if your state is available for e-filing, click on the following link: https://www.irs.gov/taxpros/providers/article/0,,id=97716,00.html

These are the top issues that can occur when filing your tax returns through TaxCut. If you need any additional help, you should go to the Customer Support page for TaxCut.

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