Free PowerPoint Presentation Template for Entrepreneurs: Template Features and How to Use it

Free PowerPoint Presentation Template for Entrepreneurs: Template Features and How to Use it
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About the Free Business Presentation Template

A free business presentation template, of professional quality, is like an oasis in the desert, when you’re short on time and resources. If it is a PowerPoint template it is even more useful, as this presentation software is the common choice of many users. Here’s such a customized template available for download from the Media Gallery for you. It has a master slide and two content slides. Just add the content – text, images and video – and you’re all set to inform, impress and persuade. Use this free business presentation template not only to create linear PowerPoint presentations, but also to build interactive multimedia presentations and training modules.

The Free PowerPoint Business Template Design – An Overview

The Master Slide

As the name suggests, the content on this slide appears on all the slides that follow it in the presentation view. What does this slide share with the normal slides? The menu buttons, a title bar, the navigation buttons and the content background.

With a master slide in the template, you do not have to worry that your presentation file size would balloon. How exactly the master slide controls the file size? Because all or much of the content, like the above, that will be shared by many slides is on the master slide, the file remains thin.

If the business template didn’t have the master slide, then you have had to use the common content on each of the normal slides. In such a scenario, the more the normal slides you use, the higher is the disk space you need to store your work. And, not to forget the extra effort and time for copying, pasting and managing the common content on all the slides.

The menu buttons on the master slide serve to:

  • Highlight the topics of the presentation, in the intro phase, to the participants
  • Create links to their respective content slide and, therefore, empower you to access the main topics from anywhere in your presentation – on the fly

Leverage the menu buttons with hyperlinks to move through your presentation, if you wish, in a non-linear way. Here’s a scenario that drives home the benefit of this design: In the middle of your presentation a person in the audience asks you a question that relates to say, content linked to “Menu 2” button. Rather than wade back / forth through the slides one at a time, you can simply click that button and access the slide faster.

The “Curtain Raiser” Slide

It’s the first normal slide in the template. The background has the image of a computer keyboard. As the image is generic, the template suits an array of business presentations. Further the Enter key’s conceptual label “Business” sets the presentation’s focus and tone.

The Second Content Slide

content slide

It also has the PC keyboard background with reduced opacity. What’s the purpose of this image? It can give a special visual dimension to the presentation. The other components of this slide are the title placeholder and the navigation buttons.

How to Use the Free Business Presentation Template?

1. Open the template in PowerPoint.

2. In the “Welcome” / first slide, type the title of your presentation and your company name in their respective spots. Replace the graphic at the right with your company logo.

3. Modify the content on the master slide:

A. Click View > Master > Slide Master to access the master slide.

B. Add / delete menu buttons, unless the number of topics of your presentation equals five.

TIP: If you need to increase / decrease the size of a button, select it and hold the shift key and drag a corner handle down / up. If you do change the size of a button, make sure all the other buttons are also of the same size for aesthetics.

C. Replace the text Menu 1, Menu 2… with your own text.

D. Include any other common content, such as your company logo, on the master slide.

E. Hyperlink the menu buttons to their respective slides.

Review Using Hyperlinks in PowerPoint, if you’ve not yet explored this technique in PowerPoint.

F. Hyperlink the navigation buttons.

NOTE: Although you can use the left- and right-arrow keys to traverse the slides, the navigation buttons are necessary if you wish to run the presentation in the kiosk mode.

4. Modify the content on a normal slide:

A. Click View > Normal to return to the normal slide mode.

B. Click the second slide in the Slide pane.

C. Delete the default text. Type your text as bullet points, place pictures and graphics, or add animation, audio or video files.

TIP: To make your presentation effective and to avoid information overload, use only three to five bullet points on each slide. Limit the number of words in each point. Should it have more than one sentence, use a mix of short and long sentences.

Replace text where possible and feasible with relevant images or videos. Use pie chart and graphs for statistical data.

Great PowerPoint Presentation Samples has links to powerful presentations, which you can use as a reference to build effective presentations.