What is the Daily Routine for Running an Online Business?

What is the Daily Routine for Running an Online Business?
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Server Side Efficiency Checks and Security

Having an online business requires daily efficiency checks to make sure that everything is running the way it should be. This will include anything from downtime monitoring to security checks. Downtime is basically a server side element that takes place with your site’s hosting company. With online businesses, it’s very important to have good uptime, which means no downtime. Downtime is the amount of time that a website would be offline, or inoperable. Whenever your website is down, you are losing potential customers, and if your website is down enough, site regulars and other visitors may begin to see your site as unreliable, which is definitely not good for business.

Security is equally important for online businesses and is something that should be regulated on a daily basis. For eCommerce companies, or companies who sell products and services, security is crucial for the safety of your customers. Customers that buy products and services from your website will be entering their own personal information such as name, address, credit card information, and more. It’s extremely important that this information stay confidential for the safety of your customers.

Even if your online business doesn’t rely on eCommerce (an advertising based business, for example), security is still equally important. Keeping your data safe from online hackers is a must.


Search engine optimization is necessary for online businesses because it lets your website get found. Without SEO, the chances of getting a lot of customers are very low. Most online businesses, particularly eCommerce based businesses, do not require a lot of additional SEO on a daily basis. However, it’s always important to monitor your website and make sure that it’s indexed in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines at all times. These search engine providers are usually accurate. However, an error on their side could lead to your site being unindexed, deranked, and more. This could greatly influence your customer turnover potential.

Spam Control

You have probably gotten some spam emails before. Quite annoying, right? With an online business, the spam can be 100x worse. Spam is also more diverse, meaning it could be anything from emails to your business’s email accounts to flooded comment sections. Most visitors to your site will frown upon too much spam, as it can eventually start to eat away at the quality of your site. For many online businesses, spam control is something that must be carried out on a daily basis.

Managing Partnerships


Obviously, an online business is designed to produce revenue. Many online businesses partner with other businesses in order to increase revenue earning potential. For example, if you plan on starting a content based online business that relies on advertisers to make money, you will need to keep in contact with advertisers quite often. Most of the time, companies that choose to advertise on your site will want to know the daily, weekly, or monthly performance of their ads. This way, they can determine how much advertising on your site improves business for their own company.

eCommerce based businesses have the same basic concept. Often times, online eCommerce businesses rely on drop shippers to handle the actual shipping of orders. Although the website may process the customer orders, there is a whole other aspect to how shipping takes place.

Even if you don’t use drop shipping and ship your own products and services from your own supply, you still may need to manage partnerships between your local UPS or Fedex to assure that customers get their items in a timely manner, on a consistent basis.


What is the daily routine of running an online business? Everything listed above and more. In all actuality, the answer to this question really depends on what type of business you are running, the scale of your business, and more. If you are running a basic blog, you are not going to need to do as much work on a daily basis. If you are running a website that sells products, has a content section, works with individual advertisers, and more, you are going to need to do quite a bit on a daily basis; and for a website of this potential, you are going to need some hiring power in order to help you manage the business. Hopefully, the above points gave you a very basic feel for the daily routine of running an online business.

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