Staffing Agency Benefits for Small Business Owners

Staffing Agency Benefits for Small Business Owners
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Consider Working with a Staffing Agency

Are you thinking that it’s time to start adding employees to your small business? Before you start hiring, it’s a good idea to consider whether working with a staffing agency for your personnel needs might be a better option than hiring people on your own. There are many benefits associated with using a staffing agency that can help entrepreneurs save both time and money as their companies start to grow.

3 Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

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1. Minimize Recruiting Expenses

If you start looking for employees on your own, you’ll need to place recruitment advertisements on relevant websites and in print publications, which can be quite expensive. When you work with a staffing agency, you won’t have to take out advertisements announcing your job openings. Instead, when you open a job order with the staffing agency, you’ll provide details about the position that you have available and the type of candidate you are looking for. The agency will review its applicant database for people who might be a good fit for your company, as well as place any necessary recruitment advertisements at its expense.

2. Save Time Screening Applicants

When you are working with a staffing service, an agency representative will handle screening applicants to determine which candidates have the right skills for the job you are trying to fill. This means that the agency will handle collecting and screening job application forms, scheduling and conducting interviews, skill testing, checking references, running background checks, and other new hire screening procedures. When the agency sends people to you to interview, you can be certain that they have the skills necessary to do the job. Instead of having to spend hours figuring out who has the necessary skills and interests, you can focus on your business until a short list is ready. Then, you’ll simply be able to choose among the most qualified pre-screened candidates who have confirmed that they are interested in working with your company.

3. Reduce Paperwork and Save Money

By keeping the people you bring into your company on the payroll of a staffing agency, you can enjoy a financial savings even though you are paying a commission to the agency that found the workers for you. That’s because you won’t have to deal with setting up and paying for payroll processing expenses, employer payroll taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and other expenses associated with adding a staff to a small business enterprise. The staffing service will handle all of those things for you. Instead of having to deal with all of the paperwork and expenses associated with payroll and employee specific insurance, you’ll simply need to provide timesheets for each worker to the staffing agency at the end of each pay period.

The Decision is Yours

As a small business owner, it’s up to you to decide if working with a staffing agency is right for you or not. If you’re concerned with keeping your expenses under control and making the most of your time, it’s certainly a good idea to consider utilizing the services of an employment agency rather than trying to recruit and hire employees on your own.