Money Saving Ideas to Reward Employees: How to Reward Employees Without Giving Raises

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Rewarding Star Employees on a Tight Budget

Times are tough in the present economy so many business owners are unable to give raises to reward their employees. However, they would still like to reward them. There are several ways to reward employees without giving pay raises. These money saving ideas will still reward valued employees as well as boost workplace moral, make employees feel appreciated, and help to retain employees.

Recognize Employee Efforts

Busy business managers often fail to regularly recognize employee efforts. Simply telling hardworking employees that they are appreciated is often all it takes to keep them happy and productive. Business managers can also do this by implementing an employee of the week program. Simply recognizing great employees is a fantastic and cost-effective way to reward employees without raises. This can also help improve business because many employees will work harder in hopes of gaining recognition from their supervisors, managers, and fellow employees.

Honest and Open Communication

Honest and open communication is not only necessary for a successful business, but it is also a way to reward employees. Supervisors and managers should be available to their employees and they should be knowledgeable about the company so that they can address all employee concerns. All issues should be addressed right away so that they do not keep employees from doing their jobs. All news, both bad and good, should be communicated so that employees are aware of where they stand. This will allow employees to feel like they are an integral part of the company. Making an employee feel needed and important is a great way to reward employees without raises.

Create a Meaningful Atmosphere

Making sure that employees feel that all of their work and efforts are meaningful is an easy way to reward employees without investing a lot of money. Satisfying this need will keep employees happy and productive as well. Whether an employee is programming the office software or stuffing envelopes, making them feel needed and important will keep them satisfied and positive about their job.

Opportunities to Enhance Leadership Skills and Learning

Just because a business manager is unable to offer many promotions within their company, they can still offer their employees the opportunity to advance their careers. Business managers can reward their employees by helping them learn new things and develop new skills. Things as simple as allowing employees to transfer to a different job can help them develop new skills. This will also benefit the company because the employee will know more about the business and, in turn, they will become a more valuable asset to the company.


Offering perks can be a great way to reward employees. Business managers can offer paid time off, travel opportunities, flex-time, parking privileges, or health club memberships instead of raises to reward their employees. This will also improve business because it will give employees something to shoot for. These perks carry substantial value, yet they do not cost the company much.