5 Important Leadership Traits: Do You Have Them?

5 Important Leadership Traits: Do You Have Them?
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Key Leadership Traits

If you want to seen as a leader by the people you supervise, it’s important to know what traits they are likely to look for in the individuals they choose to follow willingly. It’s your employees who determine whether or not you are viewed as a leader, but it’s up to you to conduct yourself in a manner that will allow them to view you the way you want to be seen. After all, if you are responsible for running a business it is certainly in your best interest to conduct yourself in a manner that will inspire those who work with you to see you as a leader worthy of respect and as someone they trust and are happy to follow.

1. Comfortable with Responsibility

Do you recognize and accept responsibility for your actions? Do you avoid placing blame on others when things go wrong, and instead focus on what changes can be made to fix the situation and avoid problems in the future?

2. Open to Receiving Feedback

Do you come across as someone who encourages feedback from employees and others, and who truly listens to the suggestions provided? A true leader values the insights of others and recognizes that great ideas can come from anyone at any level in the organization.

3. Solution Oriented

Are you able to recognize and solve problems when they arrive? Employees expect their leaders to have – and be willing to use – problem solving skills to address all types of situations that may arise in the workplace.

4. Decisive

Are you able to make good decisions and stick with them? Employees rely on their leaders to be able to make tough decisions that are in the best interests of the organization and the individual team members.

5. Accurate Perception of Self

Are your perceptions of yourself accurate? In order to be a person that others choose to follow, it’s important to have an accurate self concept. Leaders are self aware, and are comfortable with who they really are.