Blackthorne Pro eBay Auction Management Software: Benefits for your Business

Blackthorne Pro eBay Auction Management Software: Benefits for your Business
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Blackthorne Pro is a piece of software distributed by eBay to help you expand your eBay business plan, while cutting down on the amount of manual labor required in everyday operations. While the program currently costs $24.99 per month, many sellers find it highly beneficial due to its ability to manage sales and cut down on the amount of time that goes into the listing creation process. Additionally, eBay offers a free trial month of Blackthorne Pro for sellers who have not previously used the tool.

Manage Sales and Listings

One of the major benefits of using Blackthorne Pro to sell items on eBay is the fact that it has built in HTML templates that can be quickly customized to showcase your items. The listings can be modified individually or as part of a bulk process to change multiple items at once. It also allows you to schedule your listings to start at certain times, with the ability to upload them based on your specifications even if you are not at the computer. In addition, the software can help manage your current inventory and create profit and loss reports based on the specified time period.

Buyer Communication and Follow-up

Another benefit of using the Blackthorne Pro program for your eBay business is the fact that it can help streamline you communication process. One of the most important aspects of running a successful eBay business is communicating with your buyers in a professional and timely manner. Many new buyers are unfamiliar with the buying process, so by ignoring their questions you may be missing out on potential sales. Instead of invoicing and communicating with buyers individually, messages (both plain text and HTML) can be sent in bulk. Additionally, when the sale is complete you can leave feedback for multiple buyers at once using specified comments, saving you quite a bit of time as otherwise it is an individual process.

Consignment Mode

A unique benefit that Blackthorne Pro has over other eBay management programs is that it has the ability to manage consignment sales. If you are part of the eBay Trading Assistant program, keeping track of which items belong to your consignees is extremely important, and the software can help you avoid any mix ups. Furthermore, Blackthorne Pro supports multiple users, so if you have employees helping you with your business you can set their abilities, choosing what they can and cannot modify.

How to Download

If you want to try implementing the Blackthorne Pro program, ensure that you are downloading it from the official eBay website. Off-site downloads may contain malicious coding that can compromise your account details. To subscribe, first log in to your eBay account and visit the official Blackthorne Pro web page. Click the “Subscribe Now” button and follow the instructions provided. If you have not previously used the software you will receive a thirty day trial.

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