Linksys Wireless VoIP Router

Linksys Wireless VoIP Router
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Routers and VoIP

The advantages of wireless routers that include VoIP capabilities are significant. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides numerous benefits that are attractive to companies looking to reduce the cost of standard phone service. Small businesses that are implementing a wireless network and want the added features of VoIP technology will appreciate the integrated router/VoIP package offered by Linksys and Cisco Systems.

For businesses looking to add a wireless network and enjoy the many benefits of VoIP, comprehensive integration can reduce or eliminate connection and equipment compatibility concerns.

Understanding VoIP

VoIP has become a major component of the modern communications industry. Using a high speed internet connection, VoIP adapters

covert analog signals into data pulses that are sent over the internet and then reconverted into a recognizable voice at the other end of the connection.

The primary attraction of VoIP service is the reduced monthly cost. Providers offer a variety of inexpensive packages that often include unlimited long distance and reduced rate international calling. VOiP service plans provide a wide array of features that are included in the base price such as caller ID block, caller ID, 3 way calling, call forwarding and call waiting.

Linkysys and Cisco Systems

Linkysys is a division of Cisco Systems and is an industry leader in the development of wireless router/VoIP technology for residential and commercial customers. This included the introduction of earlier models such as the WRTP54G and the WRT54GP2A-ATT.

The WRTP54G was a wireless router/VoIP system that was only compatible with VoIP service provided by Vonage. There were two phone jacks included and the unit had the capacity for two line service. The WRTP54G allowed for the direct connection of four PC’s and an unlimited number of wireless connections. The router could accommodate both Wireless-G (802.11g) and Wireless- B (802.11b).

The WRT54GP2A-ATT was another router/VoIP inclusive unit that offered essentially the same features as the WRTP54G except the exclusive VoIP service provider was AT&T.

Although both of these units were ultimately discontinued, they are still supported through the Cisco Systems website. Vonage and AT&T continue to offer VoIP support for the respective the units as well.

The Linksys WRP 400

The successor to the previous Linksys router/VoIp models is the Linksys WRP400 which is also available under the Cisco brand. The


WRP400 is a Wireless-G/Wireless-B router that offers exceptional transfer speeds and 2 phone ports in a stylish black case. The unit also includes a four port, full duplex Ethernet connection which can be attached to either PC’s or hubs and switches for even more versatility.

The WRP400 also offers an advanced firewall to thwart the potential damage of hackers spreading viruses, spyware and malware. Unlike previous models, the Linksys WRP400 is unlocked, leaving the customer to compare prices and features while choosing among the many packages offered by the numerous VoIP providers.

The portability of the WRP400 is another important element that allows users to share a wireless USB connection when employing a USB broadband modem. Data access is fast and reliable, providing exceptional support for streaming content, multimedia and other demanding bandwidth applications. Additionally, a USB broadband connection can be configured to provide auto failover capabilities should the primary Ethernet port lose internet connection capability.

WRP400 Features

The Linksys WRP has a number of outstanding features including:

  • Gaming and Multimedia: Single port and port range forwarding are supported for specialized internet applications such as video conferencing and online gaming.
  • Security: User friendly set up screens are provided to configure a firewall, add filters or create virtual private network facilities.
  • Voice: High quality analog voice and data communications are achieved through sophisticated voice coding algorithms. Compatible with most standard telephone and fax equipment. Easy set up screens present options for voice gateway features.
  • Services: For business customers, the WRP400 platform allows service providers to customize and upgrade their subscriber services and software upgrades remotely. This provides customers with highly secure uploads while saving the time and expense of managing network equipment on site.

The Integrated Router and VoIP Advanatge

The Linksys WRP 400 offers an integrated wireless router with VoIP phone service capabilities in a feature rich package. Combining compelling functionality with exceptional ease of use, the WRP400 is an attractive network and communication solution for both residential and commercial use.

For any business that finds itself in need of a high speed network and is looking to simultaneously reduce their phone service expenses, a Linksys wireless VoIP router is worth serious consideration.