Factors Involved in Career Change: Planned and Unplanned Factors

Factors Involved in Career Change: Planned and Unplanned Factors
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Many factors can lead to a career change. Some of these factors are unwanted and we have no control over them; other factors involved in career change are wanted and under control. Learn about the most common ones:

Unwanted Career Change

An unwanted career change is always a possibility. Before you look for a new job, you can take some time to think about your interests and dreams. Maybe your old job wasn’t exactly what you wanted as a career. Now is the time to start anew.

  • Sudden Unemployment: Sudden unemployment can have several reasons: economic downfall, restructuring within the company and company downsizing are just a few examples. Sometimes, there is no way to find a new job in the same field. Maybe you can take on a lesser qualified job first while you think about your future career.

  • Illness: There are a whole range of reasons why an illness can lead to a career change. One example is the craftsman who cannot continue working in his job because of severe back pain. Another reason might be the development of an allergy of one of the things you work with on a daily basis, e.g. certain chemicals, detergents or dyes. In each case, you will need to look for another job. There might be a related job opportunity for you but it may happen that you will have to take on a new path altogether.

Wanted Career Change

A wanted career change can be planned. Maybe you need to go to college again in order to gain extra qualifications. There are some colleges which will let you get your qualification via distance learning so that you can prepare for your job change without having to quit your current job.

Either way, take your time and plan carefully. You don’t want your new career to be doomed because you rushed things.

  • Pay Raise: Maybe you have met the right partner and want to have children, or you would like to travel to distant countries on your vacations. Your problem: You need more money. Your next problem: Your current job can’t earn you more money. Now the only way to earn more is to look for a different, better paid job. You could take classes after work to get new qualifications until you qualify for a promotion too.

  • Personal Interests: Many people work in jobs which are boring or just not their cup of tea. Now there are several possibilities. You could look for some volunteer work in your free time, for example, or you could try to get your dream job. It is never too late to follow one’s dreams.

  • Moving to a Different Place: Many places have a focus on a certain job field, for example, the steel industry or tourism. If you want to move to a different place, it can happen that you have to change not only jobs but your whole career due to a different job focus in the new area. Look for information about the area before moving and prepare yourself so that you have the best possible opportunities to find a new job soon.


  • More Free Time: Sometimes, you have a job which seems to consume all our time. You stand up, go to work, come home, eat something and fall into your bed. If that is not your vision of your future, it may be time for a career change. Maybe you can even find a different job which is not as time-consuming with your current qualifications. You might have to do with less money, though. It is up to you what is more important.

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