FlipShare Software: A Great Compliment for Flip Cameras

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Flip camcorders are probably the most popular low cost devices that can help you feed your video upload urges. The FlipShare software comes at no extra cost. Though, the software tool brings sharing as the major features to your Flip video recorder, this FlipShare software review will have a quick look to the other features that help get video clips organized and ready for sharing. You may be planning to share your video clip privately with friends or family or publicly at social media sites such as the YouTube or MySpace.

Features that Get You Started (3 out of 5)

Let’s look at the organizing features of the FlipShare software first. Unless this is done well, it would be difficult to find the exact clip you want from the camcorder storage area. These camcorder products have around 1 to 2 hours of storage, but several small clips or a few minutes or less, quickly add up. How easily you can find these will depend on how well you are able to organize them. The simple way to do that is to create a structure that is meaningful, and then simply drag & drop the clips to the right folder. The organize feature in FlipShare gives you all that.

You are able to create longer movies out of multiple clips, if you want, becasue the edit controls let you do that easily. Controls available make it easy to create the uniformity you want to see in a movie. For editing tips, read Editing Flip Video: Tips and Techniques for Editing Flip Video .

Sharing Any Which Way (4 out of 5)

After you are done with editing and organizing, it is time to start sharing your clips. There are three ways you can do this. First, if you wanted to, you can share the video clips between your own devices. You can also use the private mode of sharing with friends and relatives work through a website provided by Flip. This is known as the Flip channel. Mobile apps for the iPhone, Blackberry or an Android based smartphone will help you download and view the clips. You are then able to happily access the video clips anywhere you go! Access to family members and friends are available only if you give them access on the Flip channel. You can share the video through emails too. Another nice way of sharing the clips is to create video greeting cards.

If you want to make your debut on the world stage, then simply upload to YouTube, MySpace or another social media site. That upload is simple to do with a good internet connection. Tips on creating your own YouTube videos can be found be reading Flip UltraHD Camcorder Review: Is The Flip UltraHD a Good YouTube Camera

Some More Ways to Share (3 out of 5)

FlipShare TV is really another product but it works through the FlipShare software. The clips you handle in your machine are transferred through a USB dongle. This dongle connects to a wireless network created by a media distributor. This media distributor then connects to your TV. Trying to create a WiFi network without going through the standard network available with your machine is a little peculiar. It also calls for connecting up several pieces of equipment. This includes a wireless remote that lets you select and view clips in the FlipShare software.


Overall, the proprietary Flip software should be more than enough for most users. It has a good balance of features that cover the majority of tasks that will likely be needed to produce some great looking videos to share with friends, family and the world!