Keyboard Shortcuts for New Projects in Apple Color

Keyboard Shortcuts for New Projects in Apple Color
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Quick and Easy

The effectiveness of a professional in post-production relies on how intuitive they are with the hardware and software and how quickly they can work. The fastest way that this takes place is buy employing keyboard shortcuts to speed up the actual interface with the software, which can become slower to work with than your creative mind actually is. Apple’s Color is one of the most used and involving color grading programs out there and though it is much more relative than an editing program like Final Cut Pro, it is still important to know and use the right keyboard shortcuts. Here is a look at the most useful quick keys for Apple Color.

Standard Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of the Apple Color keyboard shortcuts are actually the same as they are with other applications for the Mac OS, except some of the specifics of the actions have changed somewhat.

  • New Project - Command and N
  • Open Project - Command and O
  • Save Project - Command and S
  • Save Archive As (Application of a title to an archive) - Command, Option and S
  • Save the Archive Version - Command, Option and A
  • Cut - Command and X
  • Copy - Command and C
  • Paste - Command and V
  • Select All - Command and A
  • Undo - Command and Z
  • Gathering the Reconnected Media - Command, Option, and G

Back and Forth for Rooms and Windows

Apple Color deals with what they call “rooms.” These rooms in Color are where you perform different types of actions, such as applying effects, primary color correction, or secondary color correction. You have to switch back and forth between these room, which act as tabs, to complete the functions you want. Here are the quick keys for selecting these rooms, as well as for dealing with certain windows.

  • Setup Room - Command and 1
  • Primary In Room - Command and 2
  • Secondaries Room - Command and 3
  • Color FX Room - Command and 4
  • Primary Out Room - Command and 5
  • Geometry Room - Command and 6
  • Stil Store - Command and 7
  • Render Queue - Command and 8
  • Project Settings Tab (Part of the Setup Room) - Command and 9
  • Open Shots (Part of the Setup Room) - Command and 0

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Playing Video

Color is, at its core, a video altering application. Just like a non-linear video editing program you have to function your way through a Timeline to be able to deal with the clips, especially when you bring a whole project over from Final Cut Pro 7. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that are used in video playback in Apple Color.

  • Play Forward - L
  • Play Backward - J
  • Stop - K
  • Move to Next Shot - Down Arrow
  • Move to Previous Shot - Up Arrow
  • Go Forward One Frame - Forward Arrow
  • Go Backward One Frame - Backward Arrow
  • Start at the Beginning of the Timeline - Home
  • End of Timeline - End
  • Switch Playback Mode - Shift, Control, and M
  • Set In Point - I
  • Set Out Point - o