How to Embed Vimeo Videos on Websites and Social Networking Services

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Vimeo Quality

Vimeo is a web service that has now taken YouTube in a number of ways. The design of Vimeo is such that you can upload videos in a higher quality format for a high quality display that can then be easily posted on social networking services or website. The display ends up being much better and, because of its very format, it can be placed onto a whole host of different formats. Here is an easy tutorial on how to embed Vimeo videos.

Start to Embed

When you are looking to embed Vimeo videos you can start by uploading your video to your Vimeo account and wait for it to process. Go to the video and look to the upper right hand corner of the video display and find the Embed button, which is right under Share. When you select this you will get the embedding code for your video that you can enter where you would like it to appear.

Embedding the Video on Websites or Social Networking

Once you have the code for embedding Vimeo videos, you have a whole host of options on how to deal with it, but they are all specific to the format you are looking for.

If you are dealing with a normal website situation you can begin by simply going to either the service you are working with or the code blocks and entering in the embedding code. Wherever you enter this code is where the video will appear, but since few people manage their website in HTML code they will likely have a web service to deal with this. Here you can easily enter in video embedding code, but you should know ahead of time where you want the video to be located and how to choose between text and image entering sections and those that are code specific.

When you are actually posting the video on social networking websites you have a few different options. MySpace is one of the easiest places to embed a Vimeo video because when you are editing the different areas of your page you can simply copy and paste the embedding code. This can happen in your blog or right on the front page in places like About Me. One of the easiest ways to do this in Facebook is to just copy and paste the Vimeo video into your status, which will then post the video to your news feed. You can easily upload videos directly to Facebook, but this takes quite a while and has a size limit.

If you are using Tumblr you will have an easy go of it because Tumblr actually allows for video posts that use embedded videos. Start by going to the normal Tumblr Dashboard area and then selecting Video from the options, which is to the far right next to Audio. When you are going to create your Video Tumblr entry you will see that in the top text slot you will enter the Vimeo embedding code and below with be the Caption, for information about the video to accompany it. All of these options will produce their own unique display for the embedded Vimeo video, but they will all make the video accessible.

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