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DVD Authoring

When putting together a DVD for your digital video project it is best to make it look as professional as possible. Unless you have an extensive background in design it is hard to construct your own menus so that they look both good and functional. When new to DVD Studio Pro, and even if you are a little more experienced, it is a great idea to use the menu templates that they have available.

Make a New Menu

The menu templates are pre-designed interfaces for DVD menus. Your menu uses buttons to either link your movie to play or link to other menus that have their own set of options. To use one of the pre-made menu templates you first have to create a blank menu. To do this you go to the upper right window in your project interface in DVD Studio Pro and you select the Graphical tab, which shows you thumbnails of all the menus and video tracks you have created. Right click on some of the blank space in this view and select the option Add, then when the add options come up select Menu. A new, unnamed, menu will appear. Now double click on this menu and open it.


The menu will just appear black in the view because there has not been any work on it or media added to it. To add a template to this blank menu go right to the Palette menu, which will be just to the upper right of the menu view window. Here you have a list of pre-constructed templates, each with its own transitions, graphical themes, and color combinations. Go through them, and once you find one you would like to use you click on it and drag and drop it into the menu space. The menu will now be in this format, with unnamed buttons and blank spots for graphics. Now that the template is there you can add text and other media, as well as work with the buttons to link to other menus and video tracks.


There are several types of templates, including ones that are intended for base menus, video play menus, and chapter selection menus. There is usually a common theme for all three types of menus within one type of design scheme. This is done in case you want to maintain a visual consistency throughout the entire DVD. Choose the themes and templates you want for each menu, but make sure to customize them with outside media and text as much as possible.

Make it Look Good

Though it can be looked at as a less creative choice, it is a sure fire way to make your final DVD look amazing. No matter whom you show it to, the DVD should now be able to match the quality of your digital video project.

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