How to Import & Capture Video in Final Cut Pro

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If you are using digital videotapes for recording you are going to have to use either a video deck or your camera to capture the footage into Final Cut Pro. To do this you first go to File in the task bar and select Log and Capture. A window will come up with a video screen on the left displaying color bars with video controls under it. On the right you will have setting options that will determine where and how it will be saved in Final Cut. Though many people who are working on incredibly large projects often prefer to use Clip or Batch Capture, the easiest and most efficient way to do this is by using Capture Now. At the far right corner of the Log and Capture menu you will have Capture selections, where you will be choosing the “Now” setting. Go up to the top right part of the screen to where it says “Description” and type in the title you want this clip to have in your Browser. Now you simply click on the Now button and then press play on the device you are using to play the tape. As the tape plays Final Cut will be “capturing” it into a digital format and saving it into your project. Once it is done capturing the entire tape a menu will pop up letting you know that your properly labeled clip will now be in the Browser.


If you already have a movie file on your computer that you would like to use it is even easier. You go to File in the taskbar and go to the Import option. Once this is highlighted then you can select Import File if you are only importing one video clip, and Import Folder if you are importing an entire folder of clips. They will then be imported straight into the Browser just as the captured footage was.

Many Methods

These are the standard ways that Final Cut Pro gets video clips into its editing system, but there are a few more specific ways out there depending on your needs. These methods will serve you for most purposes, and are easy to get started with.

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