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DVD Authoring

When it comes to creating your own DVDs there are a number of products on the market today. A brief trip through a multi-media Internet store will reveal dozens of DVD authoring programs all claiming to be on the cutting edge. DVD Studio Pro has come to the forefront over the last several years and now stands at the top tier of authoring software.

Final Cut

One of the main reasons to go with DVD Studio Pro over the other options is that is comes packaged with Final Cut Suite. On the Mac OS there is no other editing program that has made the splash that Final Cut Pro has and it is now considered one of the greatest available for both professional and amateur use. When looking into creating an entire post-production system Final Cut may be your best bet because of its inclusion of programs like Color, Soundtrack Pro, and the great DVD Studio Pro. Instead of looking for a stand-alone authoring program it may suit your needs best to go with a multi-software package that works together in fantastic synergy.

Easy to Learn, But Still Professional Features

DVD Studio Pro stands apart from many others because of the fact that it pairs its quick learning curve with most of the professional features that you would need. The program itself has a fairly simple interface that you can pick up on after only a brief study period. After this the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity and customizability. The program comes with menu templates to make even the most basic DVD look great, but also allows you to import graphics and make your own menus to bring it to a professional level. You have the ability to make professional looking DVDs with the software, and you will not need extensive technical training to do so.


The layout of DVD Studio Pro, along with its counterparts in the Final Cut Suite, is much more intuitive than many others. Once you get the basic structure down you are not going to have to go through any complex processes to do the things you need to do. The buttons are large and available, which makes it a real joy to work with when trying to bust out a quick DVD.

Cutting Edge Tools

The program itself even encompasses many professional features you are not going to find on many other programs. Things like right protection and the ability to layer play lists are top notch for even the most commercial programs.

Might Be Right

In the end DVD Studio Pro is going to have everything you need when it comes to DVD Authoring. Unless you have the money to go with next-generation programs like Adobe Encore it may be best to stick with this one.

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