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Learning the Software

For people that are new to video editing or somewhat seasoned with it Final Cut Pro is often a great tool for people moving from intermediate to advanced levels in their editing skill set. There are hundreds of resources online to help you learn the software, as well as classes at local institutes and colleges. If you want to master the program completely you may want to go after Apple’s own Pro Certification program.

Apple’s Program

Apple has designed this program to work with a number of their more advanced software packages. Like any program certification, the workshop will extend your skills even farther than what you have already acquired and then will be a certificate that you can add to your professional resume. These programs are developed to mark you as a leader in those who can use the program and is mandatory for many production companies that run their post-production facilities on Final Cut Pro.

FCP Certification

For Final Cut Pro there are two kinds of certifications that Apple offers. The first one, which only offers one level, is the Final Cut Pro Server End User Certification. The more advanced one, which offers two levels, is the Final Cut Pro End User Certification. This one requires at least one advanced class in Final Cut Pro from their training center, but really recommends three others.

Final Cut Suite

For those very serious about the Final Cut Suite there is a Master’s Certification that covers all of the associated software in the package. Here you need to get Pro Certification in at least four other programs in the suite. Apple offers programs on all of these software, including DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and Color.

Things to Think About

This can be an expensive and time consuming process, and many people will point out that you can learn these programs on your own or from other educational institutions. This is true, but there is something to be said about learning proficiency from the company that manufactures the software. Likewise, the certificate does say something about your ability to use and teach the program in a variety of situations. Before you decide to do this it is important to contact Apple, find the training centers, figure out the exact pricing for what you want, and see what you can do on your own.

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