How Long Does it Take To Render Video? Pinnacle Studio Tutorial and Troubleshooting Guide

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Rendering Your Video

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing program for Windows-based computer operating systems. Video rendering is how your computer creates an image or moving image using pre-created models or objects. You render your video when you are done making all of your changes and adding effects. But, you may ask: how long does it take to render video? Pinnacle Studio tries to complete this task as quickly as possible, but rendering times vary.

So, why do some videos render faster than others? Well, oftentimes it has to do with how long your video is. If you video is large with a lot of effects, then you could be looking at rendering times up to 10 to 12 hours. Basically, the program has to render each image of each frame.

Dual Versus Quad Core

If you have a standard computer, then your computer could also be to blame. You need a computer with a good graphics card and a fast central processing unit (CPU) if you want to speed up your rendering times. For example, with a quad core processor, you can assign each processor to take on some of the work.

If you already have a quad core processor, but rendering is still taking forever, make sure that your Pinnacle encoder is not set to single threaded. This restricts the rendering tasks to only one core. To check to see if this is the problem, start rendering your video, and then pull up your Task Manager. Go into the Performance tab.

If you only see one CPU working, then your system is set to the single threaded setting. Just go into your Pinnacle Studio options to change this setting.

Crashing When Rendering

Another problem that people have when rendering video in Pinnacle Studio is that it stalls out after a while. If you are working with an older machine, make sure that your operating system is compatible with your version of Pinnacle Studio. Usually, you must have at least Windows XP to run this program.

If you are good on this front, try looking to see if there are any updates to the software program. Not having the latest firmware updates can cause your program to crash. Go to the Pinnacle Systems website, and go to Product Support. Then, search for Pinnacle Studio and download the latest firmware release.

Another problem is simply not having enough available memory. Try closing all of your open programs, and then try rendering your video again. If the program is completely stuck, go to the Task Manager and then the Performance tab. Look for the Pinnacle Studio process in the list, and simply select and hit end process. Then, restart the program and try rendering it again.

Video rendering is a memory and processor intensive task. Let your computer take its time when doing this task, and try not to open any other programs if you are working with an older system.