Easy Tips for Making Labels With MS Word

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Labels for a myriad of purposes can be manufactured from the templates available from Microsoft Word and your own printer. Saving money by creating your own is just a good idea these days. Follow the easy steps highlighted below (specific to Word 2007) to customize some for you.

  1. Open Microsoft Word by clicking on the icon for it in your “Start” menu on the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen. A blank document will appear on your screen.

  2. Click on the “Office Button” on the top left-hand icon of your screen. A drill down menu will appear with “New” at the top of the list. Click on “New” which will present you with a long list of template categories on the left hand side of the dialogue box.

  3. Scroll down until you find “Labels” and click on that. A new list of specific types of labels such as “Gifts, Media, Mailing and shipping, Office, Product, and Other” appears. Investigate the options to find what you’re looking for. All of the templates will appear in miniature images for your review.

  4. Peruse the options by clicking on the title or the image of the template itself. There are a large number of templates which include different business categories and intended uses for your labels. Click on the template that best serves your needs.

  5. Click on “Download” located under the template you decided upon. The template will then download for you to open up and work with in Word. Your system should automatically identify that you have a valid version of Microsoft Office.

  1. From here it’s only a matter of customizing the text and tweaking the format to your specifications. If you have any questions or concerns, access the Word Help files by clicking on the question mark on the top right-hand side of your screen. Save your finished product, proof it, and then print it out. Now you will have it saved and available on your computer for easy access in the future.

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