Four Websites For Free Dauphin Fonts

Four Websites For  Free Dauphin Fonts
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Free Dauphin Font

The Dauphin font only comes in the TrueType format and is cool and in the writing of this article I was actually introduced to this font. It’s a serif style font that is curvy and kind of off-balance as it seems to shift to the right. Needless to say this is easily one of my new favorite fonts because it sort of invokes the vision of iron-wrought gates adorned with lettering of the font. But it is also practical, I could easily see it being used in a formal invitation or as the header for a document.

Dauphin only cements itself as a good choice for a font because it is readily available and completely free in a number of reputable places. I have selected four different font resource websites for you to review and download a free Dauphin font.

Finding Free Dauphin Fonts

The Dauphin font is a freeware font and therefore available just about any website that offers fonts for download. However some websites aren’t very reliable and include spyware or malware in their downloads that can be extremely harmful to your computer. So rather than sending you off on your own to find a potentially dangerous download, here are four websites that are trusted and I’ve referenced in several other font articles . Please enjoy your font and have fun! logo

Probably the best laid out website of the bunch and my favorite resource site out of this article, this should definitely be your first choice for looking for free fonts for whatever projects you might need them for. has been around since 1992 and offers several features and services that make selecting fonts easier.

Source:’s logo. has been around for quite awhile and the amount of fonts on the website reflects that. While the website’s design is fairly dated, it still includes the resources it advertises and is still a great place to find fonts.


The logo for is new and basic, but still has a selection of fonts that can go toe-to-toe with just about any font resource website I’ve listed in this article. The website features a very nice previewer and includes a lot of free fonts you might find useful to you in perhaps another project or for the same project you might be using the free Dauphin font for.


The logo. has a pretty good selection of other fonts and is a nice website because if you are new to downloading and installing fonts the website includes a set of easy-to-read instructions under your download.



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