Christmas Card List Template: Here's Plenty of Sources for You to Make One

Christmas Card List Template: Here's Plenty of Sources for You to Make One
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Convenient, Organized, and Efficient

A Christmas card list template provides all the necessary space and formatting so you can have all you recipients in one place when it comes time to address and send off your holiday cheer via the mail. What’s more, with a template stored on your computer, you can update the list anytime you need to.

Say you’ve got family that moved to Tallahassee, friends that move to Timbuktu, or meet new people that you’d like to include in your circle of greeting recipients, you can easily update the list. While we’re at it, do you need any templates for designing and creating the Christmas cards themselves? Free Templates to Make Holiday Cards lists a variety of sources and for Mac fans; How to Create Custom Christmas Cards with iPhoto teaches you how to get those choice photos onto your holiday greeting card.

The template is always stored on your computer for convenience sake, and you can print it out for some good old-fashioned checkmarks in pen once the card is off and in the mail. If you already have names and addresses on any other program on your computer, Excel for example, you can easily cut and paste all that information onto the new template. Sometimes, using an application like Microsoft Notepad to copy and paste it onto first, and then transfer it to the template is necessary to make sure everything is in the same standard font and size.

Furthermore, you can more than likely find a way to transfer the completed template onto any number of mobile devices like a Blackberry so you have it on you at all times. That would be especially handy for a Christmas gift list which we will cover in another article.

I’m always grateful to receive so many nice cards at Christmas time and I’m able to get past those slight pangs of guilt for the fact that I’ve never sent any cards myself, and probably never will. I do send plenty of telepathic well-wishes however. All that may be irrelevant to you except to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Now let’s get right to the sources for the templates.

Where to Download a Template for a Christmas Card List

First off, let’s start with the very basic ones available at Microsoft Office Online for use in Excel located here.

Christmas Card List Template Found on Bella Online

But while you’re there, you can just as easily type in “address list” and see what is available for use in other Microsoft programs. If you’re not concerned with your card list having a Christmas theme, one of those will work just as well. Once you download the template, the process of customizing it is rather intuitive, just type in the details of your people. In fact, it might be easier to have an address book to use for any occasion, and Create an Address Book in Microsoft Outlook 2007 will teach you how to do that.

As for other quick, convenient, and printable Christmas card lists, look into the selections available from They have a nice selection gathered from around the web that will work nicely for you. So there you have it, create your list and have at those cards, they’re always appreciated even when there may not be reciprocation.