The Best Places to Find Thank You Coach Cards

The Best Places to Find Thank You Coach Cards
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Why Thank the Coach?

Whether it’s an elementary, high school or college coach, they do deserve some thanks. After all, they should be considered mentors especially when it comes to work ethic, discipline, and encouragement. Often coaches are the reason that scholarship was obtained through their influence. As the school year end is nearing, don’t forget to send thank you coach cards—they’ll mean a lot.

If you’re crafty and want to make your own, your first stop should be your stationery or craft store. Buy some good card stock in various colors along with matching envelopes. Now it’s time to open up your favorite word processing program and choose some of your own images or clip art and arrange the design of the card. Make sure you print a test card on plain white paper before you put the stock paper into your printer.

Choose sayings that are appropriate for the child and the coach to design the best coach thank you card!

Best Deals on Coach Thank You Cards

Search for thank you card for the coach on the Internet and you’ll find many websites that offer them. Beyond your local greeting card store , here are some best bets:

  • Greeting Card Universe - Here you’ll find thank you cards for the coach no matter what the sport. Search by most popular or newest in and this website offers almost 300 thank you cards for that special coach.
  • Thank You Cards and Notes - This website offers a unique touch! Search poems or quotes you feel describe your coach or make up one of your own. Use their template and follow 6 easy steps to insert your thank you quote or poem, purchase and print—it’s that easy!
  • E-Cards – If you know how to reach your coach by email, E-cards are becoming a favorite. Hallmark online has many thank you E-cards for that special coach at low prices. Design one of your own or pick a pre-printed thank you. Other websites that offer E-cards are Yahoo and Google, but they do require you join their greeting card website and not all E-cards are free.

Free Printable Thank You Coach Cards

If you’re on a tight budget, you can use many word processing programs to make your own thank you cards with some good cardstock paper or try some of these online sites:

  • American Greetings Online - Join up and take advantage of their two-week trial to design and print your coach thank you cards. If you enjoy the site, pay a small membership fee and utilize it throughout the year for all sorts of greeting cards.
  • Blue Mountain - Here you can also take advantage of a 14-day trial and design your own thank you card or use one of their pre-printed thank you cards for that special coach.

Design and Print Your Own

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If you have an artistic touch and a way with words, you can also design and print thank you cards for the coach using your own printer. The Bright Hub article Greeting Card Templates for Free by Daniel McGoldrick offers many free templates where you can design and print your own thank you cards, even for the coach. Use clip art or your own images of that winning game to personalize the thank you card .

Another Bright Hub Article by author Cscribe2180, Create Greeting Cards Quickly and Easily with InDesign , walks you through using Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher. If you have one of these programs, why not take advantage of this easy step-by-step article to help you design and create your own thank you cards?

The wisdom and encouragement that special coach gave your throughout your schooling years should not be left unsaid. With these websites and make-you-own tips, you’ll be able to produce the best thank you coach cards, with a few simple clicks of the mouse.