Trendy Fonts - Free Fonts for Your Desktop Publishing Projects

Trendy Fonts - Free Fonts for Your Desktop Publishing Projects
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Orial, a free font by designer Salman Boosty, is a very cool piece of typography. It’s actually a bit difficult to classify Orial into a traditional font category such as grunge, block, or dirty. However, that’s what makes Orial a trendy font. Orial has actually managed to make it to the top fonts list at, and has held its place there for several months now. Overall, it’s a great font that can be used for many different projects.

Get Orial for free, from dafont

New Republic

Bright Hub

New Republic is a trendy font available as a free download at Like any other font, it’s hard to describe New Republic in words. Some of the letters are slightly rotated to add a unique appeal to the typography. The font itself is actually quite modern looking, something reminiscent to the typography that you would see on a wine bottle. Overall, New Republic is a classy font, that could be used for various applications, but mainly headlines.

Get New Republic for free, from UrbanFonts

Planet Kosmos

planet kosmos font

Planet Kosmos is a space themed font with a modern looking twist. This font is actually the official logo font for the popular website However, Angelfire did modify it slightly, as Planet Kosmos does not have any capital letter rendering. Still, Planet Kosmos is a trendy font, suitable for modern, space, and technology themed projects.

Get Planet Kosmos for free, from

Birth Of A Hero

birth of a hero

Birth Of A Hero is a flexible headline font that could be used for a variety of different projects. The overall styling of this font looks like something that you would see on something like a band concert flyer or a theater poster. Birth Of A Hero is somewhat condensed and tightly spaced, with bold lowercase and uppercase letters.

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Carbon, by Ray Larabie, is a very professional looking font. However, it also gives a feeling of humor and easygoingness. Carbon is an all capital letter font, making it usable for headlines only, in most cases. Still, this font is extremely well designed. If you’re doing a project where Comic Sans is a bit too uncasual, but Impact is a bit too serious, Carbon may be just right.

Download Carbon for free, from

Beyond Wonderland

beyond wonderland

Beyond Wonderland is a font that can be best described as… magical? fantasy? This font may remind some people of the movie Alice in Wonderland. Anyways, Beyond Wonderland is a font that could be used for various projects of a theater based, play based, or other live performance based campaign. Beyond Wonderland is a full font set, with both capital and lowercase letters.

Download Beyond Wonderland for free, from