Choosing Fonts for Invitations: Which Font Should You Use?

Choosing Fonts for Invitations: Which Font Should You Use?
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Which Font Should You Use?

Are you trying to come up with the perfect invitation for your special occasion? Whether you are a busy publicist managing multiple media events, an expecting mother working on her baby shower, or a homemaker planning a dinner party with 20 or more guests, you will need to make the invitation memorable.

This is a very important task indeed, and as the designer you want to set a specific mood with the right typography and layout design. Fonts with bold lines and lots of hard edges are aimed at a middle-aged male audience, or you may want to use a whimsical font with colorful characters if the invitation is for young children. Let’s take a look at some samples of different occasions you may be designing invitations for.

Anniversaries – When celebrating any type of anniversary, using elegant fonts for the invitations works very well. One font that is commonly used for anniversaries is Park Avenue.

Awards – If you have an annual awards ceremony, you may want the font used for invitations to match that used on award certificates. A font that is commonly used for awards and certificates is Franklin.

Baby-Related – Are you expecting a baby or would like to plan a celebration for someone who is? When choosing a baby-related font, keep it cute and cuddly. In addition to shower invitations, you can use “baby” fonts for birth announcements, scrapbooks, and thank you cards. Clarendon is a nice general font to use for these projects.


Birthday – It’s that time of the year again, and someone is getting a year wiser. Birthday fonts, like the one below, work great for invitations, birthday memory pages, posters, and even birthday signs to go with your balloon decor! A common font that is used for birthdays is Comic Sans.


Friendship and Relationships – If you’re preparing an invitation to an event for close friends or family, or if your event has a romantic theme, you may want to select a more intimate font – such as Park Avenue or Mono Corsiva.


Get Well – A “Get Well” card isn’t exactly an invitation, but you may still want to prepare a number of these cards to keep on hand. For this type of card, imagery and the right font styles are key. Mono Corsiva is also commonly used as a font for Get Well cards.



Wedding – There is only one special wedding day, and you want to try your best to make everything to go perfect. This can start with the right font for your wedding invitations. There are some very popular font styles for wedding invitations, bridal showers, wedding programs, and marriage announcements – one particularly nice font for weddings is Edwardian.

Wedding font

Once you have established the type of invitation your special occasion calls for, then you can begin to pick the perfect font as well as an overall design that gets your message out properly. Take your time to properly assess what type of invitation you are planning before you make that final choice.