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Desktop Publishing, the Easy Way

Finding the easiest PC desktop publishing programs for a specific operating system can sometimes be a pain. This is not so with Windows. There is a long list of desktop publishing programs to choose from. Whether its image editing, page layout, or a simple word processing document, there’s sure to be a DTP program to get the job done. To help with the search, here’s a list of desktop publishing programs highly preferred by the Windows user.

Adobe Photoshop. An image editing software, Photoshop is the obvious answer for many. This program is best for Windows not only because of the compatibility factor, but because it is widely recognized and accepted in the desktop publishing industry. This software is easy to learn and provides results highly comparable to professionals. In other words, it’s perfect for the beginner, as well the experienced photo editor.

QuarkXPress. A page layout software used to create newsletters and other promotional materials. …the only disadvantage with QuarkXPress is its file formats. Quark files cannot be opened unless the recipient has the program installed on his or her computer. As far as preference goes, QuarkXPress is side by side with Photoshop. Although QuarkXPress is designed for the more experienced , there is a large collection of resources to help the beginner with any issues they may run into.

Microsoft Publisher. Known mainly for its many templates, this desktop publishing program makes completing any DTP project a breeze. With templates ranging from postcards to party invitations, Publisher makes it almost impossible to make a mistake, and guides the user through all stages of project development. Manufactured by Microsoft, this program works with the Windows operating system like a charm.

Microsoft Word. Although a word-processing application, Microsoft Word has a variety of templates for just about anything as well. Over the years, Word has become the number one program users turn to. Whether it’s to type a term paper, resume, or create a flyer, Word has it. Also authored by Microsoft, the Windows user should have no problems with this software.

Free Desktop Publishing Programs

In addition to the list of desktop publishing programs above, there are also free (or open-source) applications compatible with Windows. Don’t assume because the software is free that it performs less admirably. According to numerous reviews, these open source programs perform as well as, if not better than some paid applications. The top free DTP programs for Windows are Serif Page Plus and Scribus.

The list of desktop publishing programs above not only yield the best results, they are also some of the easiest PC desktop publishing programs to learn and are very user-friendly. These traits, along with many others, make them the highly preferred and top programs for Windows users.

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