How to Pick the Best Fonts for Your Business Cards

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Choosing a Font for Your Business Card

Depending on your business, you may be creating your business card yourself or you may be working with a graphic designer to create a card that represents your business. Either way, it’s important to carefully choose a typeface that will illustrate your business’s strengths.

For most businesses, choosing a font that conveys the message that you are a professional is the most important priority. That means choosing a clean font, without too many embellishments, that is easy for anyone to read. You may be handing out your business card to people that need to squint in order to read fancy swirls or tiny type. Because having people be able to contact you using the information on your card is crucial, clarity has to take precedence over the design appeal of a typeface. If you need a few examples of good fonts for business cards, check out this list of four great business card fonts.

Style Has Its Place

There are plenty of business cards out there with fancy fonts on them. A computer company might use a technical font to try to demonstrate the company’s strength or a toy company might use a fun font to try to express how playful they are. These fancy fonts can add a touch of style to your business card, as long as you limit their use. Just a word or two in another font is enough to highlight a piece of information on your business card. Setting some important detail, like your company’s name, in a font with a different feel than the simpler typeface you used for your contact information can help a prospective client remember you.

It’s a question of balance: you do need most of your card to be very easy to read, but you also want the card to be visually appealing. Careful font selection can give you the best of both worlds.

If you do choose to use two fonts, they do need to match. It can be tough to find two different fonts with similar embellishments, like serifs, but doing so can make your card seem like a cohesive whole — and offer a better impression of your business as a result.

Remember Your Fonts

Your font choices can have a lasting reach, beyond your business card. If you use a decorative font to set the name of your company, you’ve essentially created a logo you can use on other desktop publishing projects related to your business. You can also creating the appearance of a larger company by consistently using the same fonts across all the materials your clients or customers see, from newsletters to brochures.