Tips and Advice for Using Fonts for All of Your Scrapbooking Projects

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Using Fonts for Scrapbooking

Rather than purchasing scrapbooking supplies that may not be a perfect fit for the page you’re working on, you can create your own stickers, pages, and embellishments. Using desktop publishing software, such as Microsoft Word, write out the words or phrases you want to include on your page. Set them in a font that matches the style or theme of the page you’re creating and print them out. For most pages, you’ll have to cut out your words and add them on to the page, but with different types of paper for your printer, you can expand your options.

Many printers are capable of printing on paper other than plain white printer paper. You may want to do a couple of test runs, but many printers can print directly on the pages you plan to add to your scrapbook. You can also purchase decorative paper or even full page stickers that you can print on and then cut out to add new designs and colors to your pages. If you have a color printer, you have even more options when it comes to creating your own scrapbook supplies.

Finding the Right Font

There are thousands of font directories online that list plenty of different typefaces you could use for your scrapbook projects. Many of these fonts are free to use as long as you won’t be selling the scrapbooking supplies you create with them. If, for instance, you were creating a page for your family’s big Thanksgiving dinner, you could use a Thanksgiving-themed font you downloaded free. It’s just a matter of looking through the available fonts to find one that matches the style of your page. There are fonts for just about every holiday, sport, hobby, and anything else you can think of.

The variety of fonts available online goes far beyond what the embellishments and other supplies you can buy. Some font directories have close to 10,000 fonts, with more being added every day. No store can stock even stickers in that many fonts. Even better, the wide variety of options available can make your pages really stand out when other scrapbookers are still relying on what they can find at the store.