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Using a free press release template is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest way for the small business owner or those valiant non-profit directors to produce the document formatted the way the newspaper or any other print or digital media source wants it to be in. Sample press releases available in template form allow you to see the general guidelines including the format and the headings and subheadings that should be in there. Plus, you have the added value of seeing how to word one and what the sequence should be in terms of the information you want made public.Newspapers, magazines, and websites all expect a PR to be formatted in a certain manner and they will reject your submission if it’s not up to snuff. Don’t have yours rejected for a trifle like that before they even get to the content.

So, if you have information you want the public in your area (or worldwide for that matter) to know about, this article will guide you in the right direction by getting you to the popular source of templates at Microsoft Office Online. There will be several options available for you to work with in Word. One click below will get you there. The directions about how to download and customize one of these templates are also laid out for you below. Therefore, you can concentrate on the wording to put your outfit and what it does in the best light possible without worrying about how it should be formatted or what is standard in terms of content and organization for a press release.

As for the wording itself, in order to get by the various media gatekeepers so that your submission will get published, refer to the third article in this series. That article, linked below, will get you to a tutorial roundup on writing tips. You’ll also want to take a gander at 3 Press Release Samples Your Business Can Use as Examples. That article shows you where to find hundreds of the best samples that were successfully released and well done. There are examples from virtually any industry you happen to be in including non-profits.

Here’s Where you can Download and Customize a Template

These succinct directions bring you right to the Free Templates Designed for Writing Press Releases:

1) First, peruse the available options that are formatted for Word at Microsoft Office Online.

2) Look through this template collection and choose the one that most closely resembles the purpose of your own desired PR since there are a myriad of different reasons that a press release is called for.

3) Click on the name of the template you choose for a closer look because initially you won’t be able to see the language used. After you have found one that suits you, just click “Download.” It should then just download into Word unless you are lacking any additional software you need to make this happen. If you do need an application like Adobe Reader for instance, a dialogue box should tell you what to do.

4) Once the template is downloaded, it will appear in Word format with all those familiar Word drop down menus and toolbars that are there to help you fine tune it. Although in this case, its really just a matter of typing over the text with your own details. Upload photos or graphics if that is appropriate for your PR.

5) Make sure you proof read your work as a testament to your professionalism. Save all your work to make it easier to produce the next PR when another good opportunity presents itself. Best of luck with your submission.

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If you’re small business or non-profit needs a press release for any purpose, this series will show you where online resources are for templates. You will also learn how to download and customize these working samples that have what you need already included and formatted to use immediately.

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