These Commission Agreement Templates Help Small Business Operators Establish and Maintain a Sales Force

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Small Business DTP Assistance

Customizing online commission agreement templates to create a binding, contractual understanding between small business owners or managers and their sales staff is easy and, in some instances sighted here, free. In our continuing efforts to assist the small or home office in creating all sorts of business forms and documents for next to nothing in terms of time and money, here is yet another resource for you.

Drawing up a document that explicitly states the terms of payment upon a commission scale is straight forward when you have a sample (which is essentially what a template is) that you can edit and change numbers/percentages to match the situation you have in mind. Desktop publishing projects such as this for the small business or home office don’t have to cause a strain on the budget when there are so many good resources available on the net. And here at Bright Hub, we scour the web to bring you the best templates for you to download, and then go one step further by telling you how to do it so the process is painless for you.

Running a small business requires so much of your attention in so many different areas so if there is an easy way to produce a document you need without having to pay professionals, it bodes well for your bottom line. And you want to keep your sales force happy and informed about exactly how they will be compensated for their efforts.

Template Sources and Downloading Procedures

The Internet Legal Research Group is another resource which has Commission Agreements for all 50 states. All you do is click on your state from the above linked page and you’ll be presented with an agreement that can be downloaded into Microsoft Word. You can then edit and reuse it as many times as you need to with the added benefit of updates in keeping with legal experts who monitor factors that inevitably change. The document costs $9.99.

A good assortment of free templates for this purpose is at the online document sharing commune known as Just sort through the collection and click on the ones you’d like to see in greater detail. There are all sorts of links here to relevant pay sites for attaining these types of agreements along with sources to attain legal advice. When you find the document that meets your needs, click download on the upper right corner of your screen. You do have to register but they are not intrusive about sending you emails. Once downloaded, edit your sales representation agreement to make it a custom fit for your business and its sales force.

Another resource to produce a lot of generic business documents is at . They offer a free trial offer for using their software package if what they offer looks enticing to you.