Why Use Microsoft Publisher 2007? 5 Reasons to Use Publisher over Pagemaker and Other Publishing Software

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Why Use Publisher?

PDF Converter. This is how I was first introduced to the software. I was desperately searching for a way to convert my writing portfolio to a PDF document (I wasn’t aware of the tons of online services that did this for free). It’s a win-win situation for us both, I tried a program that I normally wouldn’t have, and in turn Publisher gained a devoted user.

It’s visually appealing! Upon opening the Publisher program, the page itself is somewhat overwhelming, but seemingly perfect. This is a very important element when viewing anything. The layout of this software is amazing. Not too much, not too little.

The large icons and fonts work together to help you easily find what it is you need. Although there are three split windows, they work together to create the perfect, attractive interface. In other words, even though there are a lot of wingdings with Publisher, the program presents them all in an attractive way.

User-Friendly. Being a novice to Publisher, within only a few minutes I felt as if I was at home. Their large icons, templates, and easy to find commands makes designing and creating the most difficult projects a breeze.

Templates, Templates, Templates. It doesn’t matter if you need to create a postcard or a resume; Publisher has a template for it. This program is most known for its label, newsletter, greeting card, and website templates. The perk with templates is that you can choose to change it in whatever way you like, or simply keep it as is. Templates are perfect for the beginner as well as the expert, and as stated. Publisher has tons of them.

Millions of formatting options. Ok, a million is an exaggeration. But the truth is, with publisher you can do almost anything that you can think of. There are no boundaries. Publisher makes simple formatting options such as underlining, bolding, and italics look pre-historic!

These are only a few reasons why you should use Publisher over its competitors. After experimenting with Publisher for yourself, you may find five reasons of your own. Feel free to fill me in!