Microsoft Publisher Tips

Microsoft Publisher is a key component and useful tool for many desktop publishers. Here you’ll find how-to articles, tutorials and helpful tips on implementing Microsoft Publisher for all your DTP needs.

Microsoft Publisher Tips, Templates and Other Resources

Are you happy with the results you get with MS Publisher for your DTP? If you want to do more with your designing and printing to maximize your experience, you’ll love this collection of tutorials, tips and free templates. Learn how to make your DTP look polished and professional every single time

Making Publisher Files Read Only: A Few Options

Before you send out your flyer, newsletter or other publication, you might want to protect it so that no one can make modifications. If you look in Publisher’s menus, though, you won’t find any restriction options. At a loss? Check out these ideas and choose the one that works best for you.

Make Your Own: Microsoft Publisher Logo

If you’re looking for a new logo, there’s no need to pay a graphic artist or hire someone who knows how to create fancy computer desktop images. You can learn how to make a logo using Microsoft Publisher, right here and right now.

Creating a Print Pattern Cover in Microsoft Publisher

Designers using Microsoft Publisher want to do all they can to create attractive products. Publisher has evolved over time and now is an incredibly powerful tool that should be in every creative toolkit. Ee take a look at creating a print pattern cover in Microsoft Publisher in this tutorial.