How to Install Fonts in Windows

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Adding Your Fav Fonts Is Easy

This article offers straightforward, step-by-step instructions for installing new fonts in Windows .

Please note that to install new fonts you must have saved them to a CD, or downloaded them to your hard drive.

Once you have the fonts you want to install, simply follow these eight steps:

1. Click Start -> Run.

2. Copy and paste (or type) in this command: %windir%\fonts (and click OK). You’ll see a Window open that details all the fonts currently installed on your machine.

3. From the File menu, click on Install New Font.

4. Click the dropdown for Drives and select the drive where you saved the font you want to install.

5. Now go to Folders and click on the folder that has the font or fonts to be installed. Click OK.

6. The font you selected will appear in the List of fonts window. Simply click the font to be installed. If you are adding multiple fonts, you can just hold down the CTRL key and select as many as you want to install at one time.

7. Check the Copy Fonts to Fonts Folder box. (You can view your newly saved fonts in the Windows\Fonts folder.)

8. Click OK and you are ready to start adding your new fonts to your latest desktop publishing project .

Editor’s note: In part this article was born out of a Reader Question in our forum on installing fonts in Word that turned into a kind of mini tutorial all on its own. And please check back to the DTP channel in April as we’ll be adding articles on adding fonts to Linux, and articles on removing fonts, which should be easy but still involves a few steps you need to know about.

For more information on installing fonts, particularly if you are a Mac user who stumbled upon this article (yes, there might be one person out there this could happen to!), please refer to DTP channel writer Christine M’s excellent resource Installing New Fonts on Your Computer, which also covers where to find the fonts you want to install.

And for free fonts for just about any DTP project or occasion you can think of, look no further than Thursday Bram’s Free Fonts series.