DTP Certification for Adobe Software, Quark, and Microsoft Publisher

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Getting Your DTP Certification

Anyone seeking to obtain an DTP (desktop publishing) Certification must carefully analyze the many courses that are available before finally deciding on the right one. Desktop Publishing is one area that is extremely promising, particularly for those who want to be self-employed or become a business manager.

With communication technology assuming critical importance in today’s global markets, Desktop Publishing is one career opportunity that offers many possibilities for working with big business. Apart from the monetary rewards, Desktop Publishing offers a tremendous opportunity to showcase one’s creative skills.

Growth Prospects for Desktop Publishing IT Professionals

Desktop Publishing is primarily concerned with presenting in orderly fashion a variety of documents such as business reports, sales promotion materials, financial statements, press releases, newsletters, doctoral theses and other paper presentations. It should be the endeavor of every Desktop Publishing professional to make the documents they produce impressive and appealing. This opportunity to impart excellence to one’s work output is unique to Desktop Publishing and seldom available to professionals belonging to other fields.

Information technology has advanced at a rapid pace during recent times and today several publishing tools are available to the Desktop Publishing professionals. The Desktop Publisher can bring out a variety of aesthetic layouts and user-friendly graphics and introduce the right color combinations to make documents look bright and eye-catchy.

Any Desktop Publishing professional, who is truly passionate about his work and eager to excel, can acquire advanced certifications as the opportunities to grow in Desktop Publishing are indeed limitless.

Adobe Certifications for Desktop Publishing

One of the earliest Desktop Publishing programs was the versatile Adobe offering a variety of software meant for diverse applications. Adobe is credited with providing elegant looking and yet thoroughly professional layouts for both posting on the Internet as well as sending to others for virtual use. Apart from creating eye-catchy images and aesthetic logos, Adobe is also helpful for producing attractive sales promotion materials.

Adobe certification may be broadly classified into three different segments. Adobe Acrobat is a type of presentation software and its basic purpose is to organize text in a professional manner for presenting it to files on the Internet and/or sending it to others to edit. Adobe Acrobat has appropriate tools for revising, editing and improving the text.

The second version of Adobe, known as Adobe Frame Maker, not only helps one to apply text to a select area, but also facilitates adding varied formats, graphics and objects. The uniqueness of FrameMaker lies in its ability to provide page layouts that differ from regular prosaic looking ones.

Finally, there is the Adobe PageMaker which not only has all the features of the other two versions, but also facilitates setting up the material in a publication type of format. Adobe Page Maker allows conversion of text to HTML, or computer language format and offers scope for color and text manipulation. This program is designed for publishing e-books.

Microsoft Publisher and QuarkXpress Certification Courses

For those determined to pursue a career in Desktop Publishing, there are advanced IT Certification courses available in programs such as Microsoft Publisher and QuarkXpress.

Microsoft Publisher allows for the custom designing of a document, and then adding graphs, text, and images. Publisher also provides for manipulation of regular text and website content.

QuarkXpress focuses more on creating materials for websites and the Internet. It not only provides for text manipulation, but also readjustment of space on a website to create the right area for images, pictures, and graphs.

The more areas one specializes in Desktop Publishing, the greater the opportunities for building customer base and business growth.