Five Best Websites for Free Clip Art and Graphics

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Vector graphics and illustrations are often the best options for desktop pulbishing projects: you can resize vectors without the problems associated with other images. provides a huge number of vectors that are free to use. You can even see at a glance what new illustrations have been added to the site since your last visit.


VectorPortal makes a huge number of images available to its users, free. In many cases, the images available are released in sets, making it easy to find images with matching styles for any project that you think of. The sources of the images on this site vary: they include several other large clipart and vector sites, providing you with access to more images than usual.

When you visit, you can browse through more than 17,000 free images. While there are many pieces of clip art available through this website, it’s worth double checking the size before deciding on a particular image. Not all the images available have enough pixels to be printed out — if your project requires a large printable image, you may need to look a little farther.

Barry’s Clipart Server

A long standing provider of quality is Barry’s Clipart Server. You can find thousands of useful clip art options on the site, as well as links to a variety of other clip art websites. However, the same issues still exist with clip art you find on Barry’s Clipart Server as on and you may need to do a little extra searching to find the right image for your project.


The FreeGraphics website doesn’t host graphics itself — but it provides links to thousands of free graphics all over the web. It can take a little extra searching to find just the right graphic for your project, but FreeGraphics can provide you with a whole list of options. Just a warning, though: because FreeGraphics links to a variety of different sites, you’ll need to check just what the terms of use for each graphic you find. Some graphics are free to use for any project, while others are limited to non-commercial projects.