How to Create Christmas Postcards in Microsoft Word – Part 2

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In part two of this tutorial, we’ll walk through how to insert your graphic, add your text, and create more postcards. Let’s get started.

Step 3 – Inserting your Santa Claus Graphic into your Postcard

Click your mouse inside the first column of the table. Press Enter on your keyboard a couple of times. Then go to the top of your Microsoft window and click Insert -> Picture -> From File. Locate the Santa Claus graphic that you saved in part one of this tutorial. Click the graphic and click the open button or double click the graphic to open it. The graphic is fairly large. You probably will not need to size it down. If you do want to size it down, click the graphic and drag the bottom right corner inward.

Now you will need to add a couple of page breaks below the Santa graphic so that the graphic is not right on the border. Click the Santa graphic to select it, then click the right arrow key on your keyboard. That will place the cursor on the right side of your graphic. Press Enter on your keyboard one or two times. That’s it for the graphic.

Step 4 – Adding the Text to the Santa Claus and Puppy Dog Christmas Postcard

Now you are ready to add the text to your postcard. Click your mouse in the second column. Start typing your text. You can type what you want and use the font options of your choice. Feel free to center text, press enter to place spaces between text, and use different font options.

Step 5 – Creating More Santa Claus and Puppy Dog Christmas Postcards

Now you are ready to create more Santa Claus and Puppy Dog Christmas Postcards. Place your mouse below the table you created and press enter one or two times. Then go to the top of your program and click Edit -> Select All. Then click Edit -> Copy and then Edit -> Paste. That will paste your other postcard. Continue click Edit -> Paste to paste more postcards.

Please continue on to part three of this tutorial to learn how to create matching envelopes for your postcards. You can print these cards out on the business cards type paper or you can use regular printer paper. The thicker paper will do better though, but that choice is up to you. When you are ready to print, click File -> Print and print your postcards.

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