Make a Custom Purchase Order With a Template for Word - Free Downloads

Make a Custom Purchase Order With a Template for Word - Free Downloads
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Using These Templates

Although many bookkeeping programs have a built-in feature to create and print purchase orders, others do not. Even if your software does provide this option, the default form might not suit your needs. Either way, you need POs to monitor orders and to keep your records current. Using a Word template allows you to customize the forms in an application with which you are familiar.

The templates described here were created using Word 2010 and are in .dotx format. This means that you can use them in Word 2010 or 2007; you can also use them in Word 2003, provided you have installed the Office Compatibility Pack.

To access the template you wish to use, find the corresponding link in the References and Resources section at the end of this article. Go to the Download Page and then click the Download button to save the file. Open the template in Word and customize it following the steps provided here.

Purchase Orders Available

The first template is a traditional purchase order in portrait orientation. You can customize this form in many ways. Starting from the top, replace the sample logo with your own by clicking on it to select it. Right-click and choose Change Picture. Locate your logo as an image file on your computer and insert it there. Next, replace the sample text in the Your Company Name text box with your business’s contact information. The words Purchase Order on the right side of the upper section are a WordArt object. You can change the font, color or other aspects of this object by clicking on it and going to the Format tab under Drawing Tools in Word 2007 or 2010 or the WordArt toolbar in Word 2003.

There is a To section with lines onto which you can type or write, and a small table on the right inside of an oblong figure to enter the date, requisition number and information on to whom the order should be shipped.

The primary section of the form contains a table in a purple and white color scheme. The first row of the table includes the following heading: Requisitioned By, When Ship, Ship Via, FOB Point and Terms. Beneath each heading is a corresponding cell into which you can type information.

The third row contains more headings: Qty Ordered, Qty Received, Stock No. /Description, Unit Price and Total. The remainder of the table contains cells under each heading, including split cells below Unit Price and Total so that you can enter dollars and cents separately.

At the bottom of the page, there is a text box into which you can type specific requirements or other information. On the right is a signature line, beneath which is a text box with the words Authorized By that you can change if desired.

Landscape Purchase Order

The second template is also a standard PO, only in landscape orientation. The form includes the same information as the previous purchase order, except that due to its layout the main table contains fewer rows and the table is in shades of blue. In addition, it features a gradient blue and white background. This purchase order might better suit your needs if you tend to require only a few items from vendors.

You can add or remove a background to the page for either template. In Word 2007 or 2010, go to the Page Layout tab, click on Page Color and select an option. In Word 2003, go to the Format menu and select Background. Likewise, you can change the shading colors, the borders or adjust the columns and rows to meet your needs as well.

Choosing and Using a PO

When selecting a purchase order template to use, consider how and where you will incorporate them. If they need to go into a file that displays forms in landscape orientation, for example, you may wish to use the second form. As you can freely download both templates for use, you may choose to try each one and determine what works best for you.

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