Download a Free Property Management Template: Rent Receipts for Word and Excel

Download a Free Property Management Template: Rent Receipts for Word and Excel
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Using These Templates

Following are four rent receipt templates: two for MS Word, and two for Excel. While all of the templates contain most of the same basic information, each has different qualities so that you can choose one that best meets your needs. Click on any image to open an enlarged view of the template, and click on the Download link in the References and Resources section at the end of this article to obtain the template that you want to use.

Rent Receipts for Word

If you prefer to use Microsoft Word for your property management forms, following are two options. The first is a landscape-orientation page with two identical receipts per page. The receipts were created using Word tables with columns in various widths and alternating rows shaded gray. The first column contains the words “Rent Receipt” with the text aligned vertically facing the receipt. Details on the receipt include Date, Received From, Rental Address, Payment Method and more. Simply type your details into the associated cells or print the receipts as they are and hand-write the details onto the form.

Rent Receipt Templates in Portrait Orientation

The second Word option offered is a template in Portrait orientation that prints four identical receipts per page. These templates are based on a Word table, as well, and the rows are alternately shaded in two hues of purple. The words, “Rent Receipt” are in large, bolded print across the center of the first row. Details included on the receipt are Date Received, Rental Address, Payment Method and Amount, Memo and more. You can either type your details into the associated cells or print the receipts as they are and write the details onto the form by hand.

Rent Receipts for Excel

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Perhaps you prefer the functionality available in Microsoft Excel. If so, you might opt for one of the following rent receipts. The first template features a gradient gray text box on the left end of the receipt with the words “Rent Receipt” in vertical text. The body of the receipt features a Date field that automatically updates to the current date, although you can change it manually if needed. It also features a receipt number field, lines for Received From and Rental Address as well as places to write out the amount paid in text and numerically. In addition, there is an address block area into which you can type your business name and address and check box controls that you can click on to select the payment method used. This template produces two identical receipts per page, although you can fill them out individually.

Blue and Gray Rent Receipt Templates

The second Excel template and final rent receipt offered in this collection also produce two of the same receipts per page with a dotted line between the two to make separating them easier. The body of the receipt is shaded in light gray and the top row of the receipt is dark blue with bold, white letters reading, “Rent Receipt.” There is a Received From line into which you can type or write the renter’s name, an Amount Received line for the rent amount paid, a For Address line in which you can enter the rental address and a Date field to show the dates this payment covers.

If you are unsure about which receipt is best for you, download two or more and give them a try. Customize them to suit your requirements and print them out whenever you need them.

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