VCW VicMan's Photo Editor Review: Free Image Editing Software - Is it Right for You?

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Overview and System Requirements (3 out of 5)

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VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor is a basic photo editing program. In this program you can do the basic things like cropping a photo, adjusting the color, rotating the photo, transforming photos, and adding text to photos. This is a great program for the beginner because it is very easy to use. It has the basic image editing options and everything is pretty much self explanatory. If you are an advance user, I don’t think this program would be for you. The reason is, the editing options in VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor are very basic. Most advance users are looking for effects and filters to apply to photos. This program offers very few.

To install and run this program you will need the following.

OS: Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP

Transformations Effects (3 out of 5)

VCW VicMans photo editor review - transformation

In VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor you will find about ten different transformations effects. Some of the effects are wave, sea, twirl, fish eye, and finger prints. These transformations are easy to apply to photos. You simply click the effect and a properties box will open. Adjust the properties and click OK. You can see a preview while you are adjusting the properties. The transformations effects are great for distorting photos.

Adjusting Photos (3 out of 5)

You can quickly make adjustments to photos in VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor with a click of the mouse. Some of the adjusting tools in VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor include rotating the photo, cropping the photo, adjust the brightness of the photo, and resizing the photo. The options for adjusting photos is scattered through out the program. Most programs have a menu with all of your adjusting tools but this one does not. You will have to browse through the menus to find them.

Text Tool (3 out of 5)

VCW VicMans photo editor review - text tool

The text tool in VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor allows you to add text to your photos. It is a very basic text tool. When you click the T icon in the toolbar a box will open and that is where you type your text. You can change the font style, size, and choose the alignment. Other than that, there is not much that you can do with the text.

Pricing and Overall Rating (3 out of 5)

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor is free to use. You can download it free from their website. Overall, I would have to rate this program a three out of a five. It seems that you are very limited on what you can do to photos in this program. If you are looking for a program that allows you to apply different effects, have more control over the text, and adjusting photos, I would recommend finding another program. If you are looking for a program to simply crop photos, adjust the brightness, and resize them, this is the program that you are looking for.

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor Website (3 out of 5)

Click Here to visit VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor website. On the website you can read more about the program and from there you can download it if you like.