Adobe Bridge Tutorial: Important Adobe Bridge Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Bridge Tutorial: Important Adobe Bridge Keyboard Shortcuts
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Bridging the Gap

Adobe Bridge, as the name entails, is a program that is part of the Creative Suite to help bridge different programs in the same suite for creative purposes. What this really means is that when you open up a file in, for example, Adobe Photoshop, it may open in Adobe Bridge first to determine exactly how you want the file to appear in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Bridge is not a primary photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop, but you will end up using Adobe Bridge just as often. Here is a look at several of the most important Adobe Bridge keyboard shortcuts that you are going to need to know for the Mac version of the software.

View Keyboard Shortcuts

Viewing the items properly in Adobe Bridge is going to be important for its intermediary nature, so the Adobe Bridge keyboard shortcuts for this aspect are critical right from the start.

  • Switch Between Views - Command and “\”
  • Previous View - Command, Shift and “\”
  • Show or Hide Panels - Tab
  • Increase the Thumbnail Size - Command and “+”
  • Decrease the Thumbnail Size - Command and “-”
  • Help With Display - F1

Item Movement and Management Keyboard Shortcuts

Working quickly means allowing Adobe Bridge keyboard shortcuts to address the common activities within the program, such as the movement around the items.

  • Move Up a Folder - Up Arrow
  • Move Down a Folder - Down Arrow
  • Move Left One Item - Left Arrow
  • Move Right One Item - Right Arrow
  • Move to Last Item - End
  • Move to First Item - Home
  • Move Up a Level - Control and Up Arrow
  • Refresh Contents Panels - F5
  • Rename Next - Tab
  • Rename Previous - Shift and Tab
  • Assign One Star Rating - Command and “'”

Loupe Tool Keyboard Shortcuts

The Loupe Tool in Adobe Bridge is used to zoom or magnify selected areas of the picture in question. Like most parts of this program, you can supplement many longer actions by employing Adobe Bridge keyboard shortcuts.

  • Zoom In With Loupe Tool - “+”
  • Zoom Out With Loupe Tool - “-”
  • Move Loupe Tool - Drag
  • Move Multiple Loupe Tools - Command and Drag
  • Display Other Loupe Tools in Preview Panel - Simple Click
  • Multiple Selection Zoom In With Loupe Tool - Command and “+”
  • Multiple Selection Zoom Out With Loupe Tool - Command and “-”

Keywords Panel Keyboard Shortcuts

The keywords panel is a standard way of applying keywords to files, which allows you to organize and identify files that will be important in photo editing. The keywords panel has its own set of Adobe Bridge keyboard shortcuts that can be incredibly useful.

  • Apply / Remove Keyword and All Parent Keywords from Keyword Panel - Shift and Click
  • Force Remove Keyword in Keyword Panel - Option and Click
  • Open Disclosure Triangle in the Keyword Panel - Command and Right Arrow
  • Close Disclosure Triangle in Keyword Panel - Command and Left Arrow