Famous Child Photography: Explore Images From Mayne, Geddes & Mann

Famous Child Photography: Explore Images From Mayne, Geddes & Mann
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A lot of these well-known children photographers have begun their craft in their youth. Although some of these professionals have taken up the task unintentionally, the rest of them cultivated their trade by passionately going after the example given to them by their parents and elders in engaging in the world of photography. There are several people who have specialized in famous child photography and they have all come up with masterfully created and beautiful pictures of children and their activities.

Anne Geddes

One of the most prominent children photographers recognized across the globe is Australian native Anne Geddes. She has become renowned through her creative pictures of babies with different vogue styles. She has masterfully taken pictures of babies mocked up as butterflies, animals, flowers and plants. Her latest creations have been photographs of children garbed as mysterious and magical creatures and fairies.

Her famous child photography has been displayed in a host of varying media, including critically acclaimed books, wonderful calendars and posters, letter stamps and even photo album covers. Anne Geddes, with her humble personality and persevering heart has amplified that she wanted to express the purity, value, and sensitivity of children in her photographs, emphasizing that her objective in photography is to promote the love, nurturing and protection of the child and this has endeared her works to the public.

Roger Mayne

Another renowned photographer promoting famous child photography is Roger Mayne who hails from the proud kingdom of England. His works are concentrated in the recording of children and their activities in the vicinity of Southam Street in bustling London. Southam Street has been a notorious place in England and this is where Roger Mayne captured many of the children’s games and playful activities in his wonderful photographs in more than 5 years of his life.

It was in the mid-1950s through to the early 1960s that Mayne recorded through his photographs the life, especially of the children in one of London’s poorest districts, highlighting the travails of the children through the abject poverty gripping the place. Even after he has released his Southam Street photos, Mayne continued to document the children with his meaningful photographs, which have elicited sympathy and endearment from the viewing public.

Children Playing on the Street by Roger Mayne

Sally Mann

Sally Mann is another famous, yet controversial, photographer from New York. Her famous child photography has been recognized profusely and has been laced with intrigue and controversy. Sally Mann’s work entitled “Immediate Family” has roused a commotion from the community as she has portrayed several images of nudity in children, where ironically, the subjects were even her own children. While some people considered her work as pornography, others who have given sublime critique classified Mann’s work as ‘exceptional works of art’. Read this biography of Sally Mann to learn more about her.