Learning How to Take Sexy Pictures of Yourself: Tips & Techniques for Capturing Sexy Self Portraits

Learning How to Take Sexy Pictures of Yourself: Tips & Techniques for Capturing Sexy Self Portraits
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Looking sexy on camera

It’s not hard to take sexy photos these days thanks to the flexibility and creativity digital cameras offer. The biggest problem amateurs face when trying to create such shots though is on the artistic side, not the technical one.

All too often people mistake “NUDE!!!” for sexy. While the nude body can be very sexy and erotic, often just the hint of nudity is even sexier. When you add to it creative lighting and evocative facial expressions, then you’ve got a sexy photo even though the skin showed may be PG or even G in nature.

A human body completely covered from neck to toe in red satin can show the contours of the breasts and stomach and legs without showing any skin at all, yet still be incredibly sexy. Poke a long leg out from underneath the satin, point your foot and toes to full extension and you’ve created a focal point that screams sex appeal, yet still shows less than the most prudish bathing suit.

Red satin

Lisa’s legs

Creating a sexy image

Part of creating a sexy image is what you surround yourself with. When learning how to take sexy pictures of yourself, think of props and clothing that are sensual and evocative, such as dressing gowns, lingerie and pillows. Additionally, you can convey sexiness by leaving things to the viewer’s imagination.

When it comes to actually creating the images, you have several options. If you have a trusted friend or companion, you can have them trip the shutter for you, so you can concentrate on posing. If you have reason for complete privacy (such as in the case of a surprise gift), then you can likely take advantage of the self timer option most cameras offer. Keep in mind, one of the secrets to good photography is perseverance. You’ll have to plan on making numerous photographs and trying various poses in order to get the best results.

Things to keep in mind

Here are some things to keep in mind when learning how to take sexy pictures of yourself and planning your photo shoot:

  • Lens choice: Longer focal lengths tend to produce more flattering portraits than wide angle views, so even though it might be easier to trip the shutter and get into a pose when using the wide angle, you’ll get a better look if you increase the distance between you and the camera. Figure at least a 70mm setting or longer on your zoom lens.

  • Use a good tripod: This will make setting up the camera easier. If you don’t have a tripod then try a nightstand, end table or chair. If you can position the camera on a bean bag, or even a bag of beans from the supermarket, it will help keep it steady.

  • Poses: There are many ways to look sexy and no one pose holds a monopoly on the idea. Classic positions include kneeling and reclining, but a standing pose done properly can also be very sexy as can a seated pose. Keep in mind, often your best look is created by placing yourself at an angle to the camera rather than facing it straight on. This can make you look thinner and show the contours of your form more effectively. It also forces you to turn your head to the camera implying motion and making for a more dynamic pose. Be careful not to angle too far, though, an extreme turn of the head can cause a crease in your neck that is unattractive.

  • Lighting: While it’s great if you have access to professional studio lighting, sexy photos can be made with everyday room lighting too. Window light can be very romantic and flattering and so can the light from strategically placed lamps. One of the key things to think here is directional lighting. Overhead lights tend to provide a nice, even lighting effect. This is useful for illumination, but not for creating a mood. Directional lighting, on the other hand, can do a very nice job of creating romance or mystery. It can be quite simple to achieve this effect too. Besides using the light from a single window, you can alternatively use the light from a table lamp or spotlight. Even candle light can be effective, but be warned that candle light can be a bit tricky to work with.

Getting the shot

If you’re trying to take pictures of yourself without the help of another person, you have several options. The most effective is to use a camera remote release to trigger the camera when you’re ready. Generally, this is an accessory purchase and as such calls for spending anywhere from $10 on up. It’s easier to use a wireless shutter release, such as the Satechi WR-C100 Wireless Remote.

If your budget or schedule precludes this option, then consider using the camera’s self-timer. Most cameras offer this option, usually giving you a choice between a short delay and a long one. Use the longer of the two to give yourself enough time to trip the shutter and get into the pose you’ve planned. Many cameras provide some kind of warning just before the camera is going to fire (often a flashing light or beeping tone). Use the warning to time your expression so you look your best.

Lisa with glamour lighting

Take the time to plan your shoot and look your best. Make sure you create lots of images and then take the time to select the best results.

For more ideas please check out my article on Top Tips for Boudoir Photography. This article focuses a bit more on the bedroom as a part of your photo, certainly a nice location for sexy photos. This article on tips on how to create self-portraits can also help. Also, please remember, “sexy” is more a state of mind than it is a physical look. Your eyes and facial expression will do more to make you look sexy than anything else.