Baby Scrapbook Page Ideas: Be Original & Unique by Making Yor Own Baby Scrapbook Pages

Baby Scrapbook Page Ideas: Be Original & Unique by Making Yor Own Baby Scrapbook Pages
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Baby Scrapbook Big Event Pages – Milestones

A baby scrapbook full of nothing but the major events is a book of clichés. A steady march of the usual scrapbooking baby pages from hospital, to home, to first bath, to first crawl, to first solid foods, to first steps, and so on ending with birthday cake on baby’s face is a monument to blandness. Sure, the cuteness of your little angel will probably salvage the whole thing, but why be standard, when your baby is so much more than that?

Having said that, no baby scrapbook is complete without those “big moments” like that first feeding, and definitely those first steps. A great scrapbook doesn’t eliminate those baby pages, but rather includes other pages in between that include big moments for YOUR BABY, and for YOU. While you’re at it, try to make some of your baby’s milestone event pages a little different.

Whatever the subject, making a classic better is often best done by simply adding a little something, or taking a little something away, rather than recreating the whole concept from scratch. For example, a Baby’s First Steps scrapbook page often includes little graphics of baby feet or baby shoes. For a different take on the theme try using OTHER footsteps. For a big lumbering baby walking early with heavy steps, try dinosaur footprints. For a small kiddo whose stride seems more elegant, skip the footprints altogether and show your baby walking on clouds. Does your baby walk a little duck-footed? Yeah, I don’t know what to do with that either :)

Unique Baby Scrapbook Page Ideas

The best way to personalize your baby’s scrapbook is with unique pages that are customized for your child. However, it can seem as if creative page ideas are just out of the reach. Use these brainstorming primers to come up with unique baby page layouts and designs that are all your own.

  • Baby’s first laugh, baby’s first word, and so on are fairly common. What about baby’s first growl? Baby’s first song? Baby’s first sneeze? (You have to be really lucky to get that one on camera.)
  • What about baby’s not firsts? Baby’s second word? Baby’s 100th meal? Baby’s last bottle feeding?
  • What things does your baby do that surprised you? Did you look up one day to see your baby turning the pages of a book while making sounds? Is that the first book he ever read? What song or TV jingle stops your baby in his tracks and makes him turn to the TV. A collage page of baby appearing to look at the show’s characters is always fun.

Think about other ways in which your baby is different from other babies you have known.

Other great pages are the ways in which your baby does those quintessential baby things. Those baby activities or actions that everyone thinks of when they think of babies. Sucking on her thumb, putting everything in her mouth, crawling over anything, including the family dog, and so on all make for baby scrapbook pages that are personalized to your little kiddo.

As always, remember to keep an eye out for great photos, because the best baby scrapbook pages always start with great baby pictures.