An Alluring Gallery of Black & White Photography

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Sad Tree

This mirrored photo was taken at Malomvolgyi’s National Park. It captures a terrific reflection of a tree in the lake, with all the detailing of the branches and what’s left of the leaves. Hazing and blurring the background not only allows viewers to focus on the tree and surrounding plants, but also creates mystery to this already eerie display.

I Sting

One of the first few things that speak to you in this photo are the magnified physical features of the insect, and how the photographer was able to keep it at rest in time to get this amazing shot. That is partly due to the fact that this rare shot was obtained by zooming in on the subject at some distance away. This also contributes to the blurring in the background, which is really what brings the insect in focus.

Red Roses

The secret behind some of the best looking photos is the angle, position and location of the shot. Being behind these bars, in a lowered position, is key in capturing this concrete structure and its surroundings. The black & white effect, along with a pop of red in the roses, puts this image in a whole other level of expertise and creativity.

Pensive Homeless Portrait

The obvious age and pensive outlook of this old man, coupled with the black and white coloring, makes this photo look nostalgic. Taking this picture up close shows a distant gaze in his eyes, age lines and course, grey facial hair in an alluring manner. All of these features complement each other for a compelling and harmonized photograph.

A New Beginning

Weddings are a terrific time to take black and white photos. The staging of this shot, with the newlyweds walking away in the direction of the sunlight, is clever. It is also suggestive to the theme of the occasion, which is a very well thought-out concept, and yet a simple display.

Hello My Friend

This is a great union in theory and in art, and adding the black and white contrast in the back has certainly added some drama. This, however, makes for a cold photograph. The image may be more suitable for commercial advertising purposes.

Gorilla Silhouette

This is a terrific photo of a gorilla as he sits, looking out. The light hitting the upper parts of his head and shoulders shows the texture of his hair, and brilliant physique. To maintain the darkness of this photo, the photographer used the surrounding lighting only, and reduced the camera’s flash.

Cigarette Smoke

Capturing the perfect smoke trail is quite a challenging task, and it takes a bit of experiment and patience. Some of the key elements needed for getting a great shot of smoke is having a black, dark or non-reflective background, strobe lens, a tripod and a well-ventilated room. Cigarettes aren’t the best way to practice taking pictures of smoke. You may want to try a less toxic option, like incense.


Creating a grayscale background and intensifying the black stripes brings a lot of focus on this zebra. The difference in shades and colors of the overall picture is especially easier to accomplish by shooting the zebra at close range. This also helps viewers to see the beauty and detailing pattern of his stripes.

Tree in Kaas Lake

This is a great photo, simply because a lake is an unlikely place to find a tree. Also, its crooked structure adds character. The gloomy weather and absence of the camera flash gives this photo a splendid charm.

Full Moon

Capturing a full moon makes for some of the most dynamic pictures. Getting a close-up shot such as this one, with the refection of the light atop of the serene seascape, is simply breathtaking. To get such a large breadth of the moon, the photographer may have used a combination of extreme zooming and long focus lens.

Pregnant Softly

Here is a superb photo of an expecting mother at a whopping 35 weeks. With convenient shadowing in the back, and on the side of her body, the photo manages to focus on her baby bump and upper body. This technique, along with the way she is covering herself, creates a very soft and non-provocative photo.


This black and white photo is simple and yet remarkable, as it demonstrates this woman in perfect form in this familiar yoga stance. With just the right amount of lighting, shadows are created at certain points, including her face, to impede facial details. This softens the picture so it doesn’t look too substandard, especially that the surrounding is considerably bare.

Cat in The Dark

Dim lighting coming through this glass door creates an artistic silhouette that enhances the whiskers and surface hair of this fluffy cat for a terrific candid shot. This is truly a simple, untroubled photo, which is mostly credited to the lighting and stance of the cat. Experimenting with ambient lighting, without using any flash, is a great way to take your photos to new and exciting levels.

Baby’s Hand

This precious picture shows the relationship and closeness of two loves. The sepia shade brings softness to this image, to authenticate the concept behind the staging. The slight blurring around and behind the subjects brings attention to the baby’s hand.

Ink Pot

The detailing, shading and color of this feather in this inkpot makes great harmonization. Also, having a pure white background produces a simple and timeless photograph. Creating an eccentric and unlikely set such as this can add a terrific artistic appeal.


A photo such as this takes numerous attempts to get the perfect amount of splashing. Capturing water in any form is best accomplished with setting up a dark background and quickening the shutter speed of your digital camera. As displayed here, the splashing is created from a falling cube of ice, so the photographer also had to snap the picture just in time, and in the very instant the ice made contact with the water.


It’s a good idea not to provide too much detailing here for this shot, especially with the notes on the tomb stone nearest in view. The vagueness is also contributed to the blurring surrounding the whole photo and the black and white shading. The diagonal positioning also takes the edge off, providing a more affable looking shot.


This is a creative black and white image. It is an effortless shot considering the idea was created by different means. Having a complete white background and pure black hand print makes this photo resourceful to fulfill various photographic purposes. Exploring other body parts, or hand and foot prints of various animals, also makes classic photography.


Getting this perfect photo takes some tweaking and perhaps Photoshop editing. The attention to details and subject placements work together to tell a story and adds drama, especially with the silhouette of the howling wolf. The magnifying effect shown here is courtesy of extreme zoom technology often accomplished by telephoto lens.

In the Street

Here is a simple street photo of a few guys out and about. The old building in the back adds a historic feel blended with a modern culture. Taking away the actual colors and enhancing with grayscale adjustments cleans up this shot, making it a great addition to this gallery.

Chipped Pig

There is something mysterious about the ceramic piglet in this photo. It has an antique look, and the chipped paint makes you wonder about the journey it has been through. Focusing the picture on the pig and obscuring the background makes this photo a work of art.

Glasses on Keyboard

This is a basic photo, with a little light coming in from the left. With the clever placement of this pair of glasses on the keyboard the photographer manages to create an interesting shot. It’s hard to tell if the keyboard in this photos is of its original color, or if there were black and white photo adjustments. This is especially confusing since the surrounding environment was cut out.


This picture is a bit overexposed, and as such it smooths out the surface texture of this woman’s skin. When paired with the expression on her face and the black & white formatting, this creates an animated photograph. It is a brilliant piece, yet simple and fun.

Lightpole Web

Finding these inconspicuous masterpieces will always feel like a treasure uncovered. The smart angling and distancing taken here certainly brings this photo alive, and showcases the intricacies of the web with water droplets left behind from a shower of rain. It was also important to get the base of the light pole close, and at this angle, to emphasize its texture and shade.


This photo captures a classic ballerina, in her element and during a dance. It is an especially nice shot with her back turned and face masked with the dark shadowing backdrop. The complete black background reflects simplicity in its true form.

Card Holder

A great object is all you need to make a terrific photo. However, the angle at which it is taken is key. Another great touch to this picture is the slight reflective, glossy surface the card holder is sitting on. Having a blank backdrop puts more emphasis on the subject, so that you can narrow in on its detailing - form and design.

I’ve Got My Eye On You

If you look really close in on her eyes, you can actually see the reflection of the elements behind the camera. That entirely aside, this makes an alluring photograph. It is simple and unpretentious in concept and style. Perhaps including the entire scope of the eyebrow or leaving it entirely out would have made a better shot.


While this may not be characterized as an actual black and white photo, it does send the same message. This is a compelling shot, and the way these hands are clasped shows a powerful and riveting prayer. Leaving this picture bare of other elements was a nice touch. The way the light shines down to capture and highlight the hands is simply genius.

Old Elephant

The wrinkles and creases covering this old elephant give us a peek into his life’s journey. It is one of the things that make this photo unique and charming. Having taken this picture up close accentuates its signature features, and tells his age in a dynamic way. With just slight blurring effects, the photographer puts more attention on our old friend having a midday snack.