Learn How to Use Paint Shop Pro Photo Templates

Learn How to Use Paint Shop Pro Photo Templates
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Using Paint Shop Pro Templates

Corel Paint Shop Pro is an image editing program for both beginners and advanced users. This program allows you to add effects or make advanced edits to your images. You can also use templates to layout your photos or to add elements to your photo pages. This tutorial teaches you how to use Paint Shop Pro photo templates.

Selecting Elements

There are two main types of templates in Paint Shop Pro. One gives you a lot more freedom on the type of elements that you want to use while the other only allows you to add photos to it. The first type is known as a customizable page template. To use this template, you first need to open that file that you want to use, and then open the template file.

You next need to figure out exactly how many elements that you want per page. Each template has a different number of squares and rectangles. If you want three photos on the page and a background, then you need a template with a combination of three squares or rectangles, and one large rectangle for your background. For the background, you need to choose some type of paper pattern

Adding Your Photos

Before you start placing your elements, make sure that they are cut to size. If you have a horizontal orientation image, it’s not going to fit into a standard square template element. You need to cut the image to make it fit, or use a different type of element.

When you have all of your elements of your images in the template, you need to make copies of the images. This means that you make a copy of the photo and template. To make a copy, hold down your shift key and select the letter “D”. Making a copy ensures that you won’t overwrite your originals. Close the originals and only work with the copies.

Now, place all of your images on separate layers of a template image file. Adjust the layers as you need to. Next, you need to manipulate the layers. Select a layer, and use the magic wand tool to move one of the elements onto that layer. You can then erase a part of the image by going to the Clear option within the Edit menu.

Once everything is in place, you can delete the source template layers, and then save your file.

Page Template

While the customizable page template is confusing for new users, the page template is actually quite easy to use. Just like in the customizable page template, you need to open your images and template, and make copies of the elements. Select a template that most closely matches the orientation and size of your photos.

You can do some resizing within the template using the Resize option, which is located within your image menu. Select and copy your photos into the holes on the template. You must only put one photo per layer.

You can rotate or adjust the location of the photos. When you are done, just save your work.