Simple and Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Soundtrack Pro 3

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Soundtrack Pro 3

Soundtrack Pro 3, as part of the collection along with Final Cut Pro 7 and Color 1.5, is based largely around keyboard shortcuts. The reason that Soundtrack Pro 3 is so focused on keyboard shortcuts is that this speeds up the post-production process both for sound mixing and for video editing, and you can quickly tell who is a professional with Soundtrack Pro 3 and who is an amateur by how reliant on keyboard shortcuts they are. Here are some of the most important keyboard shortcuts you will need to know in Soundtrack Pro 3.


Many of the more basic ones for dealing with project functions in Soundtrack Pro 3 are the same as other applications in the Final Cut Studio.

Close – Command and W

Save – Command and S

Save As – Shift, Command and S

Open – Command and O

New Multitrack Project – Command and N

New Audio File – Shift, Command and N

Cut – Command and X

Copy – Command and C

Paste – Command and V

Select All – Command and A

Find – Command and F

Export – Command and E


When dealing with your actual multitrack project you are going to encounter a whole number of Soundtrack Pro specific keyboard shortcuts.

Add a Track – Command and T

Add a Bus – Shift, Command and T

Add a Submix – Option, Command and T

Mute a Selected Submix – T

Solo Selected Submix – Y

Group Tracks – Command and G


When working with a clip specifically there is a whole host of keyboard shortcuts that are specific to Soundtrack Pro.

Disable a Clip – Shift and B

Split – S

Add to Bin – Command and B

Trim Point to Playhead - D


When dealing with the Window section of Soundtrack Pro the keyboard shortcuts reflect how you want the general layout to look.

Minimize a Windows – Command and M

Select the Next Tab – Command and }

Choose the Previous Tab – Command and {

Toggle Left Pane – ^ and A

Toggle Right Pane – ^ and D

Toggle Lower Pane - ^ and S

To Get the Sound Palette – Shift, Command and C

Timecode – Shift and T


There are fewer keyboard shortcuts in the Processing area of Soundtrack Pro, but they are just as important.

To Normalize – Command and L

Adjust Amplitude – Shift, Command and L

Silence – Command and Delete

A / B Last Two Actions - Command and F1

Flatten Audible Actions – Shift and F

Markers and View

Markers are just as important in Soundtrack Pro as they are in Final Cut Pro, and there are some keyboard shortcuts to go along with this.

Set Marker – M

Add a Podcast Marker – Command, Shift, and M

Go to Next Marker – Shift and M

Add Time Marker from Selection - ^ and M

View is much the same in Soundtrack Pro as it is in Final Cut Pro, and the keyboard shortcuts have crossed over.

Zoom In – Command and +

Zoom Out – Command and –

Zoom Normal - Command and O

Fit to Window – Shift and Z

Snap - N

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