Fixing Windows Phone 7 Low Volume Issues

Fixing Windows Phone 7 Low Volume Issues
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One of the things that you expect to work without a problem on a mobile phone is the volume. After all, without a decent level of volume how are you going to hear the person you’re calling?

Generally on Windows Phone 7 devices, issues with the volume are few and far between, and what problems do occur can be resolved by restarting the phone or ending the call. You might be experiencing volume issues in a phone conversation or the sound levels on your MP3s or video clips could be too low.

Similarly the sound on the FM radio function could be set too low, once again causing a problem.

Most importantly, however, you might encounter issues with your call volume while using a Bluetooth hands-free earpiece. This is obviously something that you might like to resolve, particularly if you use such a device for making calls while driving.

The Importance of Controlling Volume

Being in control of your device volume has various advantages. For a start, excessive sound levels while making a phone call can be potentially deafening, while calls that are too quiet can be difficult to hear, with the extra effort you make to try and “tune in” potentially distracting from other tasks.

Meanwhile, if you’re a regular user of MP3s or other audio media on your phone, having control of the sound levels is naturally important for your general enjoyment.

High or low volume on Windows Phone 7 devices can be adjusted using the volume control rocker on the side of the device. When making a call, this enables you to increase or decrease the sound levels, and when the phone function isn’t in use, the volume adjusts the level of the ring tone as well as any MP3s or other audio. You can also activate vibrate mode using the volume control, either by tapping the sound icon that appears on your phone as you adjust the volume, or reducing the sound level right down.

Remember, of course, that MP3 files from varying sources (such as those purchased online or ripped from your own CD collection) are likely to have different volume levels.

In-Call Volume Problems

Issues with Bluetooth hands-free kits can be resolved by recreating the relationship between the device and the phone, as well as ensuring the Bluetooth headset remains fully charged. Additionally, there should be no interference between the devices, and your Windows Phone needs to be alert to the device and not going into standby mode, so disable this via Settings > Lock & Wallpaper > Screen Time Out and select Never (you will have to disable any password that you have configured to do this, however).

Interestingly, these problems really only affect devices when used with Bluetooth headsets during calls. Wired headsets and phones connected to in-car hands-free systems don’t experience any noticeable loss of volume, so if your issue does persist after trying the suggestions above, your best course of action would be to contact the device manufacturer and press for a replacement. Note also that wired headsets typically feature their own volume control that can enhance sound levels further.

Resolving Volume Issues on HTC Phones

At one time the marketplace was offering an HTC Sound Enhancer app, however this was pulled from the marketplace due to it causing problems on the phone. Read more about that here.

This app has been replaced byt the HTC Sound Optimization app. After installing, this app should be used to improve the quality of your audio in MP3 and movie files. .

Can Your Volume Issue Be Resolved?

So with all of these volume issues considered, can the in-call or media player volume issue that you are experiencing be resolved?

The answer to this is probably “yes”, but if you’re not sure exactly how to follow this up and troubleshoot the volume, begin by calling someone you know well and explaining the problem, or else use a free automated telephone service (perhaps telephone banking) to test the sound levels on your Windows Phone.

Don’t forget, a hard reset is also an option, and this will allow you to start from scratch with Windows Phone 7, including adding your Bluetooth headset once again.


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