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One of the more fascinating areas of communications are the Bluetooth devices which allow wireless communications over a short distance. This technology opens a lot of areas for in-house communication. I find exploring this technology and how it impacts other areas of life fascinating.
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Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that can exchange data over short distances. Typically the distance will be less than 100m. It can be used for creating PANs (personal area networks). Originally it was to be a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables. This made it have a small range. Its goal was to use portable devices in a wire-free manner. It uses the same frequency as WaveLan (900 Mhz), but it is a pre-IEEE 802.11. The 802.11 compliant version goes by the name ORiNOCO or Wavelan 802.11.

The Brighthub Guide to Bluetooth provides articles, and how-to's on the technology. Consumers that are new to this technology will find a wealth of information available to them including reviews, user tips and troubleshooting.


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